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6 Goodgymers helped their local community in Slough
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Tuesday 30th August 2022

Report written by Manjit Birk

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Tonight was our return task to St Mary’s primary school to finish off the third planter in the allotment garden.

And thank goodness for that day of rain we had last week! Planters 1 and 2 had been like digging into concrete whereas todays planter was soft and easy to turnover!

We made this task a community mission over a group run as it was located down a lovely country lane but one we felt was safer to drive to.

On arrival task owner James let us in and escorted us to other slide where the play area was.

Abdul and Pam got to work on the left hand side whilst Gauri and I did the right.

Kam wanted to give last weeks planter another go over and get all the deep rooted weeds out.

Sandy then cracked on with the middle section.

With 6 of us digging away the task was done in no thyme leaving us 15 minutes to get a fitness session in.

With a clock and footprints already set up in the play ground we had the perfect power based games!

We even had a few minutes spare to climb the doomed climbing frame for a photo slide show!

Next week we are helping Slough Refugee Support with their outdoor space. Hope to see you there!

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