Bread, Sweat, and Cheers at Vauxhall!

2 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lambeth
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Thursday 26th October 2023

Report written by Mikhail Amran

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Dynamic duo Emma and Mikhail dropped by Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, turning a regular day into a bread-bagging bonanza! With swift hands and high spirits, they made quick work of a mountain of bread, ensuring each slice had a snug bag to call home. But the fun didn't stop there; the pair then darted off to collect a hearty delivery from The Felix Project, adding more goodies to the foodbank's treasure trove. Melvin, watching over the day's hustle, couldn't help but toast to their efforts, dubbing them the real MVPs (Most Valuable Providers) of the day!

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Vauxhall Foodbank
Our oldest and most popular task!

Vauxhall Foodbank provide short term food support to families and individuals in crisis. We help them out by sorting food collected from local supermarkets into categories and making sure it is correctly weighed. This task is the dream for all lovers of neatness and order. Feel the calm wash over you as all the tins get sorted and put away. The work we do here would take the voluntary staff hours to do by themselves. We get everything bang tidy in 20 mintes.

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Mikhail Amran
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