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13 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bexley
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Monday 9th March 2020

Report written by Sarah Lee

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Bexley news

  • Well done Nick for reaching 50 good deeds and getting your black tshirt!
  • Did you hear that our GoodGym quiz team won the quiz night on Saturday at the youth centre! Go GoodGym!

Tonight we met at Crook Log ready for our task at Bexley Mencap. We were heading back to the Mencap offices to give the activity room a second coat of paint after we had already given the first coat a few weeks back.

It was great to have not 1, but 2! New members join us tonight. Welcome to Mauro and Jack we hope you enjoyed your first run and task with us!

We had a quick warm up as we wanted to leave as soon as possible as there was lots to get done on the task.

The walking group set off first as to get to the task first and open the door for us as Nick has the keys 

The running group set off on a slightly longer route to try and arrive at the task at the same time. Well done to Liam for joining the running group tonight for the first time!

Upon arrival, it was all hands on deck! We had paint pouring, paint rolling, paint brushing, paint wiping. It wasn't long before the second coat of white paint was nearly done.

We helped Nick tidy up and headed off back to Crook Log.

Well done tonight! We got lots done and helped Nick out a lots!

Next week we are at the Care Home.

Until then...

Happy running!

Sarah 

Session Leader
Run leader
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Peter Collins
Sarah Lee
Susan Lee
Sharine Mehmet
Nick Marsden
Emmanuel Cala
Chris Walder
Matthew Lett
Martin Dennis
Jack Green
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