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11 Goodgymers helped their local community in Southwark
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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Report written by Ian Gostling

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At last it's Wednesday. Why do we care?

Because it's time for Southwark GoodGym!

Challenge is set, for Alphabet Bootcamp.

Don't worry,

Exercise is...


Goodgym exercise is at least!

Humour helped us through,

Ian led spectacularly.

Jumping from exercise to exercise,



Mountain climbers,

Nothing could phase us.

Only 25 seconds per set,

Panting and puffing into

Quick demo's.

Resting for 20 seconds between each exercise.

So much fun :)

Tough though!

Unbelievable effort by all.

Various Goodgymers joined in,

We welcomed tourists from Croydon and Brent,

e-X-cited chat throughout.

Yes! We did it!

Zzzzzz time now...

And in a flash our Exercise Encyclopaedia session was completed! 11 runners completed 26 Exercises named after each letter of the alphabet. I think X-Factor (freestyle dancing) was the overall favourite. A huge thanks to Emily for putting this weeks run report together!

Now to think up next weeks theme...!

Session Leader
Run leader
Ian Gostling
Ellie Hopkins
Helena Waters
Dom Tooze
Samina Juma
Girija Tase
Abi Perrin
Civ Sivakumaran
Join us on our next session


Garden Rescue at Millpond Estate - Weed Whacking
🗓Today 6:00pm

The community garden is currently overrun with weeds. Revitalizing the garden will provide a welcoming space for community members to meet, socialize, and engage in gardening activities.

OliveDaryl ShawEmma
3 GoodGymers are going - 2 spaces left! 👀

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