After the light comes the dark!

15 Goodgymers helped their local community in Birmingham
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Tuesday 10th October 2017

Report written by Jonny Carter

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15 people ran 5k to do a litter pick or our adopted part of the canal

On a mild evening we set off in the light to the canal. We soon, split up into four groups each group using their litter pickers to collect up the rubbish on a different section of our GG Brum adopted part of the canal. The group spent a good 20 minutes collecting rubbish before all meeting up to dump the bags off at Aston Lock, for our friends from the Canal and River Trust to collect on their 'rounds' tomorrow.

Intervals followed by circuits!

It was now pretty dark so the group did some interval work on a nicely lit part of the canal. All the group pushed hard, Ken showing some top work in the middle of the pack. After that we ran a bit further before stopping underneath Snow hill station, were the group did a set of reverse dips on the canal lock gate for those ‘bingo wings’ followed by around a 100m sprint to some steps, before sprinting back then doing some press ups. Paige showed great work with the dips with Aaron, Lee and Annie looking like they should sign up for the military with some top press ups!

One for the bum

Once that was done, we left the church and headed for St Paul’s square were the group did some more circuits. This involved running a fast lap around the church followed by a set of tuck jumps after the first lap and then a set of killer burpees after the second lap. Rob and Sam led the way around the church, Garry did a top set of tuck jumps, Philip and Hannah put great effort into the burpees. Then after all that, it was time for the bum exercise, 3 sets of 45 second wall squats with 15 seconds recovery, now that’s a tough finisher, but as I say it is great for that booty, so if it’s painful to sit on the bog tomorrow you know which exercise to blame! We then had a short run back to base and that was that!

Next week we will be out doing good again, possibly with some weary legs after this Sunday’s Birmingham Half/Full Marathons! sign up here.

Session Leader
Annie Smith
Tin Ping Kan, Ken
Dionne Donnelly
Hannah Robertson
Lee Swinerd
Jonny Carter
Brett Lane
David Halford
Laura Smith
Philip Smith
Paige Bradley
Sam Hazell
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