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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Bournemouth
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Tuesday 29th August 2023

Report written by Caprice McWilliams

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Ellie, Caprice and Neil ran to the session but due to some leg injuries, Daryl had to cycle to the task (Daryl had been lawnmower racing at the weekend!! ) This week's session was to help our friends at Hope Housing. This time Mark had us sorting donations that had come straight from Boomtown Festival. Tents, sleeping bags, roll mats and pillows galore. The group sorted through the donations, throwing away anything that was damaged or that couldn't be cleaned. This did mean checking multiple pop-up tents. Putting them up wasn't a problem but they're not called pop-down tents for a reason!! Ellie and Daryl got to grips pretty quickly whilst Neil and Caprice wrestled trying to fit a four man pop-up tent into a two man tent bag!! Like true festival style, it started to rain so the team quickly made some trips to the skip before heading home. We will be back at Hope Housing in a few weeks time, next week is a flyer-drop to help our friends at Cherry Tree Nursery. See you there!

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Helping Hope Housing
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Assisting staff and volunteers at Hope Housing

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