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4 Goodgymers helped their local community in Lambeth
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Tuesday 7th March 2023

Report written by Yianny (he / him)

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Given the weather conditions last night and the snow covered landscape in the morning I decided to go with a suitably Nordic pun for our report - please send complaints to !!

Anyway, we had a group of 9 signed up last night which began to whittle itself down as the evening approached and by launch time we had 5 hardy souls ready for a short run and a heavy task. As ever we start with our newest member and we were delighted to welcome Emma who is a former Oxford GGer and now down in London and part of our Lambeth family, it was great to have you with us!

(Category this evening - things with buttons! Coraline by Vicky was our clear winner)

Frances' wish to improve her arm strength was about to be rewarded this evening as we were back helping out our friend James aka Father Nature to remove over 2 tonnes of soil which was going to be spread across Eden Gardens and other worthwhile places such as local schools.

Since we were last at the house the big bags had been packed into small 20-30kg bags and so all that was left to do was to lift-run-drop-repeat them onto the milk float, all under the watchful eyes of the beautiful Callypso the owners' long haired sausage dog! Despite Tilly's self confessed preference for cats we could see that Callypso could tell an animal lover and took a particular shine to her.

It was cold - we couldn't feel our fingers -it was heavy work - but our arms got stronger - it was quick - but that's ok we made a difference. After 25 mins we were done and the tonnes of soil was now ready to go and be delivered where it was needed.

Thanks everybody - I look forward to seeing you next week!

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Sorting out the gardens and Helping out

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