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Yasin Lutale
Yasin Lutale went on a group run

Wed 19th Jun at 6:45pm

They see us rollin', they lovin'!

Luton Report written by David Mansfield

This week's group session saw a selection of runners, walkers and bikers convene at the start point. The walkers were set off with a ten minute head start while the runners did their warm ups and then when the run started the bikers formed a back marker team.

Chasing down the walkers, the runners actually failed to catch the walkers who arrived at the task first. The bikers got waylaid gaining a new member on the road after they were inspired to stop us and ask about Goodgym, and then signed up on the spot! Brilliant!

Our task was at 61 F.C. where some work over the winter meant there were a new row of posts down one side of the pitch that needed a coat of fresh white paint. With a team of 8 armed with rollers and brushes the posts were turned from grey concrete to bright white in no time at all, with all the new posts getting a coat. The football team were there training and expressed their gratitude for our help at the club once again. The park was also packed with families out enjoying the warm and sunny evening, who also made several comments appreciating our impact in this much loved park.

Always very grateful task owners Richard and Cliff laid on some refreshing orange squash and a tub of chocolates for us to refuel for the return journey back into town.

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Yasin Lutale
Yasin Lutale went on a group run

Wed 29th May at 6:45pm

Rail Runners

Luton Report written by David Mansfield

Having spent a few sessions cleaning inside Holy Trinity Church in the colder wetter weather, it was our time to take on one of the outdoor jobs.

After meeting up in town we welcomed Jack from GGHQ and then sent off Musa and Eshan early for the 40 minute walk, the runners did their warm up led by Sam, leading his first session to complete his run leader training.

After the good 4k run out to Holy Trinity we got started with scraping and sanding the long hand rails leading up to the church doors. The old flaking paint was stripped away and the rails sanded down ready for a fresh coat of paint on a future visit.

We worked furiously until we ran out time and then headed back into town, with a sprinkle of rain to cool us down while we added a few sprint intervals to the run.

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Martin R

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Jack Da Silva

Thu 30th May at 1:41pm

Great to meet you all - fun task!

Yasin Lutale
Yasin Lutale signed up to a group run.

Wed 29th May at 6:45pm

Yasin Lutale
Yasin Lutale signed up to a community mission.

Sat 6th Jul at 9:00am

Yasin Lutale
Yasin Lutale went on a community mission

Mon 13th May at 5:00pm

Ding dong for Radio 1

Luton Report written by Luton runner

Four of us supported the council by going door to door to speak to the residents of Farley Hill about the Radio 1 Big Weekend. We checked if they had received the details about the road closures and tried to answer any queries they had. It was a tough one as there were some very unhappy residents but we also had some lovely chats with others.

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