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Nigel went on a community mission

Sat 13th Jan at 8:00am

Tree-mendous effort!

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

7 GoodGymers joined the small army of volunteers for Day 2 of the Christmas tree collection to help raise money for Myton Hospice and Pass the smile for Ben. What a morning to be out, the weather was beautiful!

Jackie, Vickie and Laura arrived at 9 ready for a briefing and to be directed to our station where our role was to unload the vans. Graeme, James, Katherine and Nigel were out in the vans collecting the discarded Christmas trees covering Leamington, Rugby, long Lawton and Binley Woods.

The vans arrived steadily where they were emptied by the main organiser's of the event. Jackie, Vickie and Laura then dragged the Christmas trees to the pile, ready for their impending doom. There were lots of trips backwards and forwards and some of those trees were heavy so a real all over body work out.

Jackie and Laura left at lunch time so we didn't manage to catch Katherine and Nigel, their van was so big to fill they didn't manage to get back to base until after lunchtime. They did amazing and managed to collect 51 trees in total!

James and Greame managed a fairly incident free trip apart from the van door jamming and they couldnt open it! Graeme sorted it - phew - and the van had to be repacked, strapping the trees to the roof in the dark.

After completing a wholes days shift, Vickie managed to rack up just over 7.5 miles - wowzers!

Give yourselves a pat on the back, you all did amazing! It was a great day, we had a laugh and met some lovely people and in total the team collected a whopping 1250 trees - woo hoo!

Good luck tomorrow Vickie and Graeme on round 2! They have also sent the sign up form for next year already, who is in?!

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Laura DenhamJames
Nigel went on a community mission

Sun 7th Jan at 8:30am

Off to a speedy start!

Coventry Report written by Katherine (she/her)

Two Goodgymers helped Coventry youngsters get their years off to a running start with the first War Memorial Junior Parkrun of 2024. It was a bright and early start helping with pre-event set-up from 8:10am. Nigel was determined to test his memory with where all the signs and cones go around the course having done pre-event set-up a few times before. One of the other regular volunteers was happy to oblige by telling him "yes" or "no" for whether he had remembered correctly or not!

It was then a quick hello to the other volunteers before heading to our posts for the second task of the day. Katherine was marshalling and Nigel was trying out timekeeping for the first time. Both tasks were rather tricky in the cold weather with our hands getting particularly cold by the end of the run, but it was worth it to see the 94 kids that took part today, with the first over the line doing so in a fantastic 7 minutes!

Looking forward to warmer months when volunteering is not such a challenge to keep your hands warm!!

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