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Decorating Christmas Trees at Lynde House Care Home
🗓Monday 4th December 6:45pm

📍Tap Tavern TW9 1ED

Bringing some traditional Christmas cheer for residents

Adam StephensStephDucatBethJP
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Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier went on a community mission

Sat 18th Nov at 10:00am

All aboard!!!!!

Richmond Report written by Monika Kohlmaier

Four Goodgymers had a really entertaining morning setting up the train tracks for the ADHD/Autism kids playgroup. With bridges, tunnels and winding tracks, we managed to get a brilliant rail layout and tested it out with the trains. There were some derailments (Thomas the tank engine was not happy), but otherwise it was a great success.

And always remember trains never get angry, because they’re always blowing off steam!

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Harvey GallagherSam LefevreSevan

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Liz (She/her)

Sat 18th Nov at 5:00pm

Looks so much fun! 🚂

Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier signed up to a party.

Sun 10th Dec at 1:00pm

Richmond Christmas lunch

Celebrate a wonderful year of keeping fit by doing good, with a hearty lunch and a tempting pud!

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Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier went on a group run

Mon 13th Nov at 6:45pm

TwenTyfirsT cenTury girl

Richmond Report written by Anita (she/her)

A dark, dark night in November didn’t deter GoodGym Richmond on their monthly Group Run task in Buccleuch Gardens, Richmond.

Star of the session was T (Teresa) , celebrating her 100th deed and qualifying for her GoodGym wings . As well as cenTury celebrations in Buccleuch Gardens and the Tap Tavern for T, the team also built willow withy plant supports, top-dressed the plots with home-made compost and cleared weeds from the footpath in front of The Three Pigeons.

And no bollards were defamed in the making of this Group run.

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Olivia Waller
Harvey GallagherMonika KohlmaierAnita

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StephDucat (He/him)

Tue 14th Nov at 8:53am

Congratulations Teresa - flying away with your wings

Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier signed up to a community mission.

Sat 18th Nov at 10:00am

Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier
Monika Kohlmaier went on a community mission

Sat 11th Nov at 2:00pm

More tea, Vicar?

Richmond Report written by Richmond runner

It was the second task of the day for much of the group, who had been lopping and raking their way round Ham Lands in the morning, so we were very grateful when the vicar asked if we’d like a cup of tea while we worked.

We didn’t quite beat the kettle, but it was a fairly quick task planting geraniums at the base of the war memorial and weeding the paths to leave it all looking much tidier for the Remembrance Sunday services the following day.

When the tea arrived, we were almost finished but it was just the boost we needed to get us to the end as the weather got increasingly chilly. And of course, the biscuits were a very welcome bonus.

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Olivia Waller
AnitaHarvey GallagherMonika Kohlmaier

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Sat 11th Nov at 7:55pm

All good winter tasks should come with a hot beverage. Well done for the vicar!