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Bath Half - Dorothy House Hospice Team support
🗓Sunday 16th October 9:00am

📍Bath Recreation ground - Dorothy House stand BA2 4DS

Help raise vital funds for the hospice

Helen ConnerLaura W
2 GoodGymers are going - 8 spaces left! 👀
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Laura W
Laura W signed up to a community mission.

Sun 27th Nov at 10:00am

Amy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W signed up to a community mission.

Sat 29th Oct at 10:00am

Helping restore a walled garden in Newton St Loe

Help restore a garden to be used by people with anxiety, depression and isolation

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Amy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W went on a community mission

Tue 23rd Aug at 6:30pm

Advantage GoodGym

Report written by Jer Boon

We gathered by the tennis courts for a rematch with the infamous wrongly-laid Sydney Gardens path.

This epic battle started with a strong opening set back in May and some strong opening service sending the old path down the lines into storage ready for the next play.

A stunning comeback in the second set delivered the path back to its rightful location to level the score.

For this third set we had three enormous bags of hogging which needed transporting (the deliverers had clearly heard we know our way around a wheelbarrow at GoodGym Bath and had handily delivered them to the far side of the park for us) to top off the path so that hopefully it’ll finally be Game, Set and Path to us!

Today’s play featured some mixed doubles with Dan and Ellie covering the side-lines and tidying up some of the borders, while the rest of the team took up the wheelbarrows between us to serve up some ace delivery of the majority of the topping onto the path.

The night was drawing in though, and these tennis courts aren’t covered so eventually we had to stop play with the match still in the balance.

Tune in for the next instalment (or come along and join in!) to see how this delicately poised matchup turns out…

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Olivia WallerHelen ConnerAmy LovellJer Boon

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Laura W

Wed 24th Aug at 3:53pm

Another great report!

Laura W
Laura W signed up to a community mission.

Tue 23rd Aug at 6:30pm

Help Sydney gardens

Improve the park for the community

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Meyrick WilliamsJer BoonAmy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W completed their first run in a new area. 😎

Wednesday 17th August



Laura W completed their first run in a new area.

Curious? Laura has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Laura is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

Jer BoonAmy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W went on a group run

Wed 17th Aug at 6:45pm

Wick-ed evening

Report written by Amy Lovell (she/her)

New Task at 'The Wick'

Our task for this evening’s group run (and walk!) was to help prepare the Eton Wick Youth Centre for opening for the first time since the pandemic began. We didn’t even know there was a Youth Centre hiding behind Eton Wick Library, so it was a lovely surprise to be invited to help with this project.

Somewhere under a rainbow…

Our session started with a scenic and sociable walk and run along the Thames Path from Windsor Leisure Centre to Eton Wick. It rained just enough to give us a very faint rainbow and to cool us down after a hot and humid week. Thanks to Clara and Louise, who led the 6 walkers on their 2km route. As they set off I warmed up the runners, and then we followed in their footsteps, adding on the odd ‘long cut’ along the way so that we all arrived at our destination within a few minutes of each other.

Getting out of the Bath

We were greeted on arrival by GoodGym Taskforce member Laura, who was visiting from Bath. Laura used to live in our area and we have really missed her since she moved, so it was great to see her on her hols.

Cleaning Frenzy

We were then welcomed by our lovely task owners, Claire and Helen from Eton Wick Village Association and we quickly set to work:

  • Juli, Georgeta, Gillian and Anita energetically attacked the kitchen
  • Liz dextrously removed hundred of staples from a noticeboard
  • Clara made the leaflet rack sparkle and shine
  • Laura worked her magic on the arts and crafts cupboard
  • Sara resisted the urge to play with the musical toys and braved the ladder and spiders to clean the hanging sign
  • And Louise went to the pub…to borrow a screw driver and remove an old sign

Time flew and it wasn’t long before we had to say our goodbyes and head back to our start location. The return journey was similarly chatty and scenic, with the added bonus of blackberry picking along the way.

There is more work to be done so we look forward to returning for more Wick-ed adventures!

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Helen ConnerJer BoonAmy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Aug at 6:45pm

Deep clean at the library

Help create a new youth Centre in Eton Wick

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Amy Lovell
Laura W
Laura W went to a social

Fri 12th Aug at 6:00pm

It's fun to stay at the YHA (Shindig 2022)

Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

A collaborative run report.... Drop your photos and stories here 🙂

We're going to put the FUN back into functional!!

Keep up the great work everyone.

Where's the best place to go in a heatwave? Turns out it's the Peak District to spend time with like minded, positive people. Plus easy access to shady woods and a river to swim/dip into.

From serious chats around future GG plans, safeguarding, inclusion, participation, Task Force and sustainability to great opportunities to be active with runs, walks, fitness & yoga. There was also lots of time to meet other GoodGymers from around the country and have fun with Quizzes, karaoke and cocktails!

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Helen ConnerAmy LovellJer Boon

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Sun 14th Aug at 4:16pm

How do you add photos?

Katie Carew-Robinson

Sun 14th Aug at 6:59pm

For anyone without the power to edit, please send photos or stories to me and I'll add them in.

Jer Boon

Sun 14th Aug at 10:21pm

After Manuel’s fantastic disco karaoke experience, the best title I can come up with is “It’s Fun to Stay at The YHA”

Ivo (he/him)

Mon 15th Aug at 10:23am


Yianny (he / him)

Mon 15th Aug at 12:20pm

Brilliant Jer!!


Wed 17th Aug at 2:51pm

Take 2


Wed 17th Aug at 3:01pm

Take 3 - Highlights of Shindig 2022- bringing the FUN FACTOR back into Good Gym post pandemic - Understanding a little more about the sponsorship and struggles of Good Gym - Yoga is as hard as Good Gym London's 'HIIT' fitness sessions - Manuel, Manuel, Manuel - Meeting the wonderful people of Good Gym UK - Thank you to all the organisers, facilitators, photographers and participants for making magic moments. I had a Peak-y Blinders blast. 🤩

Jer Boon

Thu 18th Aug at 4:34pm

Where else are you gonna learn about the challenges of inner-city deprivation, the dance moves to Cotton Eye Joe, and who invented the hovercraft all in the same weekend...? 🤩


Fri 19th Aug at 2:12pm

Amazing weekend 🤩 can't wait to do some GG Tourism and come and see you all again 😀

James Smith

Thu 25th Aug at 1:56am

An AGM like no other! Such a good weekend meeting loads of my peers and colleagues to exchange ideas. All are welcome (and actively encouraged) to come up and visit/help in Barnsley whenever!