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GROUP SESH // Sorting, Cleaning and Steaming
🗓Monday 11th December 7:00pm

📍Bridge House SE20 8RZ

@ the St Christopher's Hospice shop

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Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley went on a community mission

Sun 26th Nov at 10:30am

Saving lives one worm at a time

Bromley Report written by Kate Dooley

Four goodgymers met with the Friends of Betts Park volunteers to plant some bulbs on Sunday morning!

Braving the cold November morning, mark, Becky, Louise and Kate planted croucus and daphodils which will come back in the spring bringing colour and wildlife to Betts parks.

We all agreed that bulb planting was a great task generally and you gets lots of them at this time of year.

Generally all smooth sailing apart from when a shriek was heard from Louise, who was gallantly trying to avoid killing a worm who was in the way of her trowel!

I haven’t yet checked to see if that thing we were told as kids is a myth - that is you cut a worm in two, it survives…it makes no sense when you think about it now…but nature is surprising so …

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Mark Gilyead

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Tue 28th Nov at 10:55am

Great report Kate. What a lovely morning of type 2 fun.

Kate Dooley

Tue 28th Nov at 11:33am

Haha bulb planting is type 3! We won’t see the fun until spring l! Ha

Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley signed up to a group run.

Mon 11th Dec at 7:00pm

Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley signed up to a community mission.

Sun 26th Nov at 10:30am

Bulbs for Betts Park

Nicer outdoor space for the community to enjoy

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Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley went on a community mission

Sun 19th Nov at 10:00am

Bee inspired to guerrilla garden!

Bromley Report written by Kate Dooley

Julia and I met Kiran, thankful that the rain held off in beckenham this morning.

After admiring the gorgeous guerrilla garden than Kiran has created, we got to work! Simple enough task today, to dig up and weed a strip of the garden so Kiran can plant gorgeous plants/bulbs.

Julia and I made quick work of it, and Julia was even inspired to do her own guerrilla garden further on down the road so I expect goodgym will be getting a call out in April to help Julia!

Task was great, Kiran was great and hopefully we’ve helped in making way for wonderful flowers in the spring to attract lots of interesting inspects and bees 🐝

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Catherine MitchellMark Gilyead
Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley signed up to a community mission.

Sun 19th Nov at 10:00am

Digging over a small plot of land ready for some flowers

A bit of guerrilla gardening for the local community

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Mark Gilyead
Kate Dooley
Kate Dooley went on a mission

Sun 12th Nov at 2:00pm

Coffee and Cake Sundays

Lewisham Report written by Kate Dooley

I had a delightful second visit with Mrs E this afternoon. After settling in and catching up on our respective weeks, Mrs E was kind enough to offer me a coffee and the last slice of her victoria sponge cake (and a chocolate digestive…)!

I came away with a full belly, a head full of conversation, AND a recommendation for the best Italian joint in South East London-Sydenham Trattorias apparently.

Was a lovely way to end the weekend, thanks Mrs E!

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Mark GilyeadBecky
Catherine Mitchell