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GoodGym Norwich x Great Big Green Week:Volunteering @ St Barnabas Counselling Centre's 50th Anniversary Event
🗓Sunday 16th June 11:00am

📍Bishop's Gardens NR3 1SB

Support local not-for-profit organisation

Elizabeth HJax Burgoyne
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Jax Burgoyne
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Sun 16th Jun at 11:00am

Jax Burgoyne
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Tue 23rd Apr at 9:55am

Yoga ta do yoga !

Barnet Report written by Paul Salman

goodGym members came together to do online yoga.

Yoga talk

Fascia plays a crucial role in both injury protection and recovery. Let’s dive deeper into how it relates to injury: Initial Protection: When you experience an injury (such as a muscle strain or tear), the fascia surrounding the affected area acts as a protective barrier. It helps contain inflammation, prevents further damage, and provides stability. Think of it as a natural splint that immobilizes the injured tissue to allow healing to begin. Restriction and Adhesions: However, if the injury heals without proper attention, the fascia can become restricted. Scar tissue forms within the fascial layers, creating adhesions. These adhesions can limit movement, reduce flexibility, and cause discomfort. Imagine a web of interconnected fibers becoming tangled or stuck together. Chronic Pain and Reduced Mobility: Over time, untreated fascial restrictions can lead to chronic pain and decreased mobility. The fascia loses its elasticity, affecting joint function and overall movement. You might notice stiffness, reduced range of motion, or discomfort during certain activities. Myofascial Release: To address this, techniques like myofascial release are used. Myofascial release involves applying gentle pressure to specific points along the fascia to release adhesions and restore mobility. Yoga, as mentioned earlier, also contributes to myofascial health by promoting hydration, flexibility, and mindful movement. Preventing Permanent Restriction: It’s essential to work on fascial health even after an injury has healed. Regular movement, stretching, and targeted exercises help prevent permanent restriction. Yoga, with its emphasis on dynamic stretching and mindful awareness, can be particularly effective in maintaining healthy fascia. In summary, while fascia initially protects injured areas, neglecting its care can lead to long-term restrictions. By incorporating practices like yoga and myofascial release, we can promote fascial health, prevent chronic issues, and maintain mobility as we age. 🧘‍♂️🌟

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Steven Hitcham

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Tue 23rd Apr at 3:31pm

Great session - thank you Paul! I definitely hope to attend more. Thanks so much for making this available to us. I would definitely recommend it to others 👍🏼

Paul Salman

Wed 24th Apr at 10:48am

Please sign https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/gg-online-yoga-with-paul-tuesday-9-55am-a5d40340-5fb6-46be-80f2-57ec6d2e4a66

Paul Salman

Wed 24th Apr at 10:48am

please sign up if you hope to come. https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/gg-online-yoga-with-paul-tuesday-9-55am-a5d40340-5fb6-46be-80f2-57ec6d2e4a66

Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne signed up to a training session.

Tue 23rd Apr at 9:55am

GG Online yoga with Paul Tuesday 9.55am

strengthen, stretch and relax the body

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Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne went on a mission

Tue 20th Feb at 5:00pm

Heavy lifting

Norwich Report written by Jax Burgoyne

Great fun and glad to help. Also very glad that three of us made it - there were quite a few heavy things on the kerb by the end of it!

Hitch took the photos, so here's Basil!

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Steven HitchamNick Moore

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Wed 21st Feb at 8:29am

Thank you so much for your help :)

Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne signed up to a mission.

Tue 20th Feb at 5:00pm

Moving furniture for Mr P

Mr P will be able to get the council to pick it up and move to a property more suitable for him.

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Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym. 🥇

Saturday 3rd February

Easy 10

Easy 10

Jax Burgoyne completed 10 good deeds with GoodGym.

Jax has done 10 good deeds. They are a trusted GoodGym runner and are now eligible to join their local TaskForce.

Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne went on a group run

Sat 3rd Feb at 10:15am

Put a fork in it!

Norwich Report written by Ian Gostling

This morning 5 runners ran 2km to Jenny Lind Park.

We met Liz who was leading a group of local volunteers, armed with loppers and forks.

She explained today's first task to cut back the longest branches and hedges over hanging the footpath, and clear away weeds from the flower beds. So we split into 2 teams and got to work.

Once we had filled 2 brown dustbins and 2 tubs with weeds and debris, the second task was to create air holes using forks in areas of the park with the most compacted soil. This will help improve the water drainage and allow more grass to grow.

After 90 minutes we said our goodbyes, with plans to return in the future for more good deeds.

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Steven Hitcham
Jax Burgoyne
Jax Burgoyne signed up to a group run.

Sat 3rd Feb at 10:15am

Gardening @ Jenny Lind Park

Support local community gardening group

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