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foodbank Christmas parcel
🗓Wednesday 13th December 6:45pm

📍Woking Foodbank GU21 2EP

packing up the parcel for the foodbank

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Holly went on a group run

Wed 29th Nov at 6:45pm

Christmas Cheer

Woking Report written by Holly

Last night members were out in the cold to help spread the word of upcoming Christmas events held by Woking Hospice.

GoodGym members demonstrated their commitment to community service by actively participating in a leafleting campaign to promote the Woking Hospice Christmas Concert. These dedicated volunteers, known for their passion for both fitness and social impact, played a crucial role in spreading the word about the event. Through their collective efforts, they not only increased awareness of the concert but also contributed to the festive spirit in support of Woking Hospice. The collaboration between GoodGym and Woking Hospice exemplifies the positive impact that community-oriented organizations can have when working together for a meaningful cause.

Woking Hospice has been a beacon of comfort and care for those facing life-limiting illnesses in the community. As part of its ongoing efforts to reach a wider audience and garner support, the hospice embraced a strategic initiative that enlisted the help of passionate volunteers to spread the word through leafleting.]

Next event will take place on the 13th December and we will be helping make up the food parcels for Woking Foodbank. Its always festive one to end the year!

Would anyone be interested in taking over as Area activator for Woking GoodGym? We are looking for a member to take over and help Woking GoodGym continue for another year - if you are interested please email holly@goodgym.rog

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Holly signed up to a group run.

Wed 29th Nov at 6:45pm

Leafletting for Woking Hospice

Spreading the news of Christmas events

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Holly went on a group run

Wed 1st Nov at 6:45pm

Paint Can: 0 GoodGym:1

Woking Report written by Holly

Firstly I apologise for the delay in the report - a quick trip to the doctors yesterday turned into a day in hospital.

On Wednesday evening we met at Pryford Primary School. Well done to Anne and Sharon for running to the task! It was a turn out for GG ladies - think we may have frightened off the men of GG?!

We were met by Tina at reception who showed us what the task involved. It was nice to have task indoors- it's been a while since we have been let loose with a paint brush. Our task involved painting the canteen area where the children have scuffed the lower area with their shoes. The first challenge though was to open the paint can.. it took all our strength and many goes with an arrange of tools but Harriet was successful and we could get to work. Its been a long time since seeing Harriet at a GoodGym task so it was wonderful to have you back. Also welcome back to Anne who has been away for a while visiting her family in San Francisco.

We all worked well together and fitted into our jobs roles nicely. The before and after difference was impressive.

It was also nice to receive a lovely thank you email in the morning after the task saying what a great job we all did and how impressed they were with the way we left things so clean and tidy.

Next week we will be meeting at Brookwood farm - this will either be a litter pick of a leaflet distribution, or even both!

Have a lovely week.

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Holly went on a group run

Wed 11th Oct at 6:45pm

House sign, sofa - what else can be found on a litter pick?

Woking Report written by Holly

Last night we found a whole load of Rubbish

A big welcome to our tourist from Sheffield , we had Rachel join us. It was wonderful having you come along and we hope you can join us again when you come down to visit.

We met at Brookwood Farm carp park - everyone equipped with a litter picker and a bag we headed out towards the road. We were first met with a For Sale house sign which we have left for the sign company to collect. We found a range of bottles and cans. Quinn Alys's dog also joined us. Quinn was loving the litter pick ! After 30 mins we headed off down the canal for a 4km run. It was lovely to enjoy running together, although Adam and James were living life on the edge with no torch after Adam's battery had died.

There will be sessions popping up lone for the rest of the year - make sure you join us and sign up when you can.

Next Week

We are heading in to Woking Park for a Boot Camp in the Park.

Good Luck

To James with his race this weekend and next weekend is the big event with his Marathon!

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Holly signed up to a group run.

Wed 1st Nov at 6:45pm