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Gayle Griffiths
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Tue 4th Oct at 6:45pm

Itโ€™s Getting Chilly So We Put on Two Coats!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

All this week we are carrying out the Clapham Calling series of tasks and we kicked off this evening with a bumper group of 16 smiling GoodGymers!

First things first - why are we doing things a bit differently on a Tuesday Group Run (ie no running) - it's because we have a family that is being rehoused in safety and need max numbers of hands and max time for the task. No more needs to be said, it's exactly what GG is about.

Second thing a big thank you to the members of Wandsworth and Southwark GG (and their AA's Ana and Sam) who answered the call and came out to support us - again that IS GoodGym. Katie & Catherine you are stars!

Third thing welcome back after a bit of time away to Alice, always great to have a returning Prodigal GoodGymer!

That's enough of the things, we met at the task and were let in by mum and adorable children (shy at first but delighted to walk around watching us at work / making sure we did our job properly) and although there was plenty of paint, brushes and rollers it was super helpful of runners to bring their own equipment like Effie with the extending roller pole, Nathan his own tray (and a snazzy painting shirt to protect his GG t-shirt) and Gayle the cleaning supplies which were a lifesaver.

We had 4 rooms to get started and the team managed not only to get a first coat on all of them but also a second in two of the rooms - if I had known about GG painters Inc. when I was doing up my house I would have hired them in a heartbeat. At this stage we need to shout out Kaz who has many qualities, among them being the only tall person we had and was indispensable and in great demand for all the ceiling corners and borders. The budding artists in the group did a great great job keeping us on brand (see photos Maya, Super Sam) and the real artists Shauna & Tim may well be in demand for decorating the children's rooms!

So now we look ahead to getting the job finished - on Thursday evening at 6:30pm we are back and the Mission will be led by TF superstar Effie details and to sign up click here.

Then on Saturday morning it's our last chance to do any snagging (yes we know the trade terms here at GG) and tidy up so the family can move into their new home on Sunday. We need as many hands for both as possible so please, sign up and do good.

#positivevibes ;0)

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Amy Lovell
Amy Lovell (she/her)

Wed 5th Oct at 3:05pm

Ooh I must just steal that pun for my session tonight! Well done Yianny ๐Ÿ‘

Mark Gilyead

Wed 5th Oct at 9:45pm

Ha - great pun and ace job guys ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Thu 6th Oct at 3:56pm

Great pun! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths signed up to a group run.

Tue 4th Oct at 6:45pm

Clapham Calling - Tuesday's Group Run !!

Making a real difference for those who need it

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Nathan Wood
Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths went on a group run

Tue 27th Sep at 6:45pm

Rush Rush (Common), Hurry Hurry!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

What a way to return from holiday for the AA! Freezing temperatures and dark skies - as Kaz said we have skipped autumn and moved straight to winter :0(

It's not often that we have a celebrity visitor at our Lambeth sessions but this week Chalomi from the central GG team was signed up and raring to go with the group, turns out that badgering at the Shindig actually worked, great to have you with us! To add to that lovely to see Hannah again after a while as well.

Warm up very much required for this evening so we started there while sharing our urban legends / old partner's tales! Plenty of interesting ones from our cosmopolitan group including Gibraltar being known as a pillar of Herakles (nice one Nathan) and in Chile there is a murderous table chained to a wall which used to go around on its' own and appear outside the houses of people who subsequently died in the night.... well Halloween is coming soon.

Despite being a mere 1.15kms to the task it still takes 15 mins due to Brixton's human traffic and stubborn little green men (on crossings people not in the sky) but by 20 past we were over at Rush Common - very familiar to many of our runners who walk or run through or past it most days.

Tom from Lambeth Council was there to meet us and talk us through the tasks, plenty of equipment around as well (litter pickers are the best!) and after a safety briefing covering Brixton's wildlife and items that may be found in dark corners the group set off to deeply pick litter.

The main reason for getting us down to litter pick is to also inspire the local community to come out and get involved which no-one wants to do alone so by that metric having 11 GoodGymers run up plus two more join us there (awesome Tilly and Aimee) was a great start and the Lambeth team were delighted with our help!

Alongside picking up the debris left strewn around there was the challenging issue of getting bottle tops out of the mesh under the benches and dug into the now mud, it's harder than you might think but we managed to clear three benches and the place was looking spick and span by the time we were due to head home.

Back to base at Papa's and brief warm down before it was super Sam's turn to feed us brownie cupcakes as part of the Bake Off sweepstake with his baker having now left the competition - delicious!

It's the end of summer social this Friday folks so if you haven't already popped your name down but do want to join us more detail can be found here:

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Ivo (he/him)

Wed 28th Sep at 6:14pm

great work everyone!

Yianny (he / him)

Wed 28th Sep at 7:37pm

Thanks Ivo!

Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Sep at 6:45pm

Nathan Wood
Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths went on a group run

Tue 2nd Aug at 6:45pm

Water Lovely Evening !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Valcie has been kind enough to let us use Papa's Park in Brixton for years to begin our group runs from, it's the perfect place centrally located with a room we can lock our belongings safely in and a play area where we do our warm ups and intros. In return we wanted to help spruce up the place so tonight was our Papa's Park Task! ๐Ÿ’™

Lovely warm weather and late evening sunshine meant perfect conditions and we had a good sized group back to our steady double figures which was great. Super Sam was just back from holiday (he practically ran from Gatwick to Papa's to take part!) so the topic of conversation was travelling with friends and the different personalities that brings and favourite holiday destination. ๐ŸŒž

Some people chose very specific locations (a particular island in the Philippines) while others hedged their bets and picked whole countries (France / Italy) and we had fire (Maldives) and ice (Iceland) so all bases were really covered. Now about splitting the bill at the end of the trip with your friends...... ๐Ÿ˜…

We set off on a brisk 3km ring from Papa's, round to Clapham North, up Bedford Road, left onto Acre Lane and then a wiggle through Trinity Gardens / Brixton High St and back to Papa's. Three members of Lambeth's run team (go Katy, go Kaz) who are travelling to York this weekend were present and keeping themselves primed for York ParkRun and the York 10K! ๐Ÿคฉ

Once we were back our tasks were to weed the outer perimeter of the park, water all the plants and veggies and clear the leaves starting to fall (and of course a quick litter sweep). ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿ‚

With the size of the group this task was complete in no time at all and despite the offer of a HIIT session to wrap things up folks were sidling towards the gate waving and saying goodbye rather too loudly..... โฑ

Another fun evening in the bag and 3 big black sacks full of leaves to show for our efforts, big thanks to all and see some of you this weekend in York and others next week.

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Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths signed up to a group run.

Tue 2nd Aug at 6:45pm

Gayle Griffiths
Gayle Griffiths went on a group run

Tue 24th May at 6:45pm

Rain Rain Go..... Wait where did it go...... Ahhh There it is!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night 8 brave souls looked out of their window, saw the hail stones and the tropical thunderstorm and thought "I'm a GoodGymer, this is what I was born to do!" At 6:45 it wasn't looking promising with only Super Sam, Effie and yours truly at Papa's but by 7pm the rest of the crew had turned up and were raring to go. โšกโ˜”

The conditions were truly bizarre, one second blue skies and rays of sunshine immediately followed by cracks of lightning and heavy rain, then a bit of wind moved the clouds on and the cycle repeated but as I said we don't care - we had a task to help out on and Stephen, Bill, Lydia and their team of volunteers were waiting for us at Loughborough Park. โœŠ

Before setting off we had a quick warm up and the category of the week was favourite breed of dog, Gayle wins for most interesting breed with the Shibu Inu (although we all know Michael had it right when he said Boxer)! ๐Ÿถ

It's a short run over to LP but this week Effie had kindly offered to come down and be walk leader for us (remember this is an option folks so do reach out and ask if you want to walk to a session - great for those recovering from injury!) so we were there in no time despite the rain.

In just a week so much work had been done by the Urban Canopy guys but still plenty was left to do so we put on our gloves, picked up the hand tools and got cracking pulling and digging up the last of the weeds in the central section of the gravel garden. Charlotte volunteered to grab the secateurs and head of into the undergrowth and start chopping that back as well. 45 mins later we were all suitably knee deep in mud (sorry Saucony) Lucy had been covered head to toe but we had a great time as Sam's speaker kept us entertained with cheesy classic songs! ๐ŸŽง

So that's it for us and this task after two weeks and an incredible amount of work from GG and FLP volunteers. Chatting to Stephen it looks like we will be back in June for some planting and then again in October for a year end round of planting - personally I can't wait to see the evolution and what it all looks like.

Check out the pics (nice one Effie) and catch you next week!

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