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April Social in the Pub
🗓Monday 29th April 7:45pm

📍The George pub E11 2RL


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Mon 29th Apr at 7:45pm

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Mon 8th Apr at 6:30pm

It's dangerous messing with Karma (cola)...

Redbridge Report written by Peter Van Tongeren

A week after the potential indulgence of the long Easter weekend tonight was an opportunity to get moving and look after Mother Nature at the same time.

So four of the Redbridge regulars were joined by some guests, Ramon from GG Waltham Forest and we had the pleasure of meeting Murphy for his first ever Goodgym experience.

Pickers, gloves and bags were prepped and off we set down the road. Not to our regular spot, since Elegia reported it was in a decent state for a change. But sadly there is always some litter to find and tonight was no exception.

Chatting along the way and during the clearing made the time fly past. 6 bags, a few bottles of motor oil and a paint bucket joined a large cardboard box at a nearby lamp post, for collection by the council.

Thanks to the start of summer time there was some daylight left, so we took advantage of the light to take the run down the river for a bit before circling back to base, just under 5k in total.

P.S... apologies some of the pics did not work out ok

The next session on the 22nd will be back to the Baby Bank - have a look and perhaps join us?

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Linda SharmanPeter Van Tongeren

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Redbridge runner

Tue 9th Apr at 10:20pm

nice report!