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Wed 28th Feb at 6:15pm

London Fields mulching

Getting Hackneys Parks ready for the Green Flag inspections!!

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Deirdre went on a community mission

Sat 24th Feb at 10:30am

Lugging logs and moving mulch

Hackney Report written by Sooz

Five go-getting GoodGymers created one lovely loggery for local wildlife at Hackney Marshes.

It was a beautiful sunny February morning at the Marshes, as Sooz, Jen, Alex, Deirdre and first timer Karthik joined Gideon and Nina to build a new home for small mammals, critters and insects in the area.

They wheeled barrows and equipment around the football pitches before settling on the perfect site for their muffin-shaped masterpiece.

It was strenuous work for the fivesome but there was no stopping this team!

Jen started by creating the first of five holes to fit the stakes, and Karthik collected logs, whilst Alex, Suze and Deirdre and then Karthik took turns with the stakes.

Nina showed the group how to dig out the undergrowth and leave entrance holes for the small mammals like field mice and snakes. They then built up the loggery with piles of strategically placed logs and wood chipping.

Gideon even took a break to give a group of local ramblers a short ecology talk!

Before long the team were taking shifts collecting chippings and “GoodGym favourite” leaf mulch, whilst Karthik helped Gideon and Nina to nail the wire frame around the stakes.

After more chipping and mulching - and a lot of heavy lifting - the muffin-esque loggery was complete.

Mission accomplished!

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Deirdre signed up to a community mission.

Sat 24th Feb at 10:30am

Wildlife Loggery building next to the River

Creating a place for Wildlife to thrive

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