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Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a group run

Mon 25th Sep at 6:45pm

A new spin on doing good

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

Meeting at Tap Tavern for an early evening run to Twickenham, the group dusted off the cobwebs of sitting at desks with some key stretches while Liz did the intro. A warm welcome was offered to Nina who was joining for her first task. Both a running and walking group then set off across Richmond Green, treated to some flashes of action from across the spiderverse as the sunset blazed through the sky above the river.

A run that is mostly beside the river is always a treat and one of many reasons why we look forward to visiting Lynde House Care Home. There is always a happy welcome for us too as we run down the quiet back streets to the home. In the past we have helped prep and paint garden furniture, build raised sleeper beds and treat bird tables. This evening though we were handed feather dusters and paint brushes to tackle the spiders who were trying to get in on some of the lovely care at the home too, around the windows and doorframes.

There are a lot of windows on the building and it worked well to have a good sized team on the case. Eight arms would definitely not have been enough! The spiders were clearly very comfortable and there were egg sacks in every crevice. We spun our way around the building, being careful not to disturb residents who were settling in for the evening.

As spiders know well, many hands make light work and the team managed to reconvene by reception ready for some suitably Halloween-style photos by headtorch before completing a neat 5km run by heading back to the Tap.

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Monika KohlmaierKashHarvey Gallagher
Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi signed up to a group run.

Mon 25th Sep at 6:45pm

Helping in the garden at Lynde House Care Home

Making the garden a pleasant spot for residents

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Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a community mission

Tue 19th Sep at 7:00am

Shiver my timbers!

Richmond Report written by Cathy Aicardi

I made my way to Teddington Station just as sun was rising and with a chill in the air! The captain of SPEAR fundraising (he too had heard that it was 'speak like a pirate day') was already there greeting commuters while shaking the tin. I checked in and after meeting the other crew, I stationed myself at an entrance and prepared for the morning's collection of any spare doubloons. And in case of none, modern times dictate for a card reader or SPEAR cards with a scan code, many of which were handed out. I enjoyed being out early morning, wishing all a mighty day while collecting for a charity that helps so many people living on the street find a home. Their website as well as are excellent sources for referrals if you see someone who might need their services. As for the collection, for some by their expression (not morning peeps) it was as if I was asking them to walk the plank but mostly, heartwarming interactions and generous support. With the winds picking up, I managed to sail back home in good time for the start of my work day! Hope a good haul was collected.

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Harvey Gallagher

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Liz (She/her)

Thu 21st Sep at 9:13am

What a start to a Tuesday Cathy 🥳

Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a group run

Mon 4th Sep at 6:45pm

Mash tuns for trash tonnes!

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

Along with a run through Richmond to the leafy space of Petersham Common, we could be heard expressing countless 'oohs' and counting our blessings as we had the joy of seeing Richmond riverside on a warm September evening with a lovely sunset to match. The fun didn't stop there though as this evening's group run was in partnership with Athletic Brewing, the alcohol free beer brand that GoodGym has started working with. Before setting off from the Tap, Liz shared some info about the brand, their B Corp status, focus on healthy living and quality, as well as their hefty donations to maintaining trail paths. Many things close to our own hearts!

The task itself was to collect rubbish from the roadside and paths along Petersham Road and up Star & Garter Hill. As always we were shocked and saddened by how much there was, and the kind of things people had discarded into these green spaces. Amongst the many bottles there was also a driver's 'L' plate, numerous half-filled paint cans, clothing and a broken traffic cone.

Having collected cans through the task, the team were rewarded with some fresh ones at the end of the session, the 'Upside Dawn' beer from the Athletic Brewing range. A perfect way to end a warm evening in our beautiful town.

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Monika KohlmaierAnitaBethKashHarvey Gallagher
Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a community mission

Wed 30th Aug at 3:10pm

Yes sir, Yes sir, Two Bags Full!

Richmond Report written by Cathy Aicardi

It seemed a reasonable proposition to attempt my first GG task since my ankle injury six weeks ago. I managed to walk comfortably for 45 minutes while litter picking in my neighbourhood. What seemed unreasonable was the amount of rubbish on the streets much of which had been there for some time but also likely from spill over of rubbish bags not properly secured. A neighbour was delighted to join me and we both got some fresh air, exercise and enjoyed doing good in good company.

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BethHarvey Gallagher

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Liz (She/her)

Wed 30th Aug at 5:47pm

So good to see you out and doing good Cathy 😍

Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi signed up to a group run.

Mon 4th Sep at 6:45pm

GoodGym Richmond x Athletic Brewing Litter Picking

Removing damaging litter from lovely Petersham Common

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Monika Kohlmaier
Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a group run

Mon 17th Jul at 6:45pm

Happy Boat-Day!

Richmond Report written by Lucy Hill

Monday's group run was a slightly unusual one, as we were celebrating a special occasion. It would have been lovely for our GoodGymmers to come out for my birthday, but it wasn’t just mine being celebrated on the 18th of July, as GoodGym Richmond was also celebrating its anniversary - seven years since the first group run back in 2016.

A lot has changed in seven years - not one member of the group out tonight were part of that inaugural doing good and getting fit in Richmond, but everyone who was out tonight was special and just as important to GoodGym as the gang of 64 who came along to that first session in the summer of 2016. Some things have stayed the same though - that first week, they ran along the riverside to bash some Himalayan balsam (and that same plant is still causing drama for us these days!!).

Everything else aside, what a fantastic achievement. Liz shared with us some of the milestones over the past seven years… 5,409 good deeds done by 509 different runners. She counted the group runs, the missions, the milestones. Clearly seven great years, and although people have been and gone, the ethos remains the same.

Definitely something to celebrate - and that, was indeed the plan for tonight.

We ran the quick way along the riverside to the Petersham Sea Scouts - a group we know well. However tonight we weren’t helping weed or move logs or scrub at any barnacles! Russell and his team at the Sea Scouts wanted to thank us - and tonight we were going out on a boat, and rowing down to the pub!

Russell briefed the sixteen excited GoodGymmers, making sure we all had an appropriate life jacket and took us down to the riverside to get the boats red-y. It was fantastic to see the regatta on the water, as we had spent several weeks in the darkest depths of winter helping clean and prepare ‘Valtentin’ for a summer on the seas, and she certainly looked the part.

We split into three groups to crew each of the three boats, coxed by the Sea Scout Leaders. A quick lesson on boat anatomy and we were ready to star-board and de-port. Rowing is all about team work, strength, coordination and not getting distracted by ducks or paddleboarders. Despite a few oar clashes, several crab catches and a lot of patience from the coxes, all three boats successfully made it up the Thames, round Eel Pie Island and to the beach outside the White Swan pub, where we docked and rocked.

Once we all had a pint in hand, we gave a cheers to the Sea Scouts and to the next seven years of GoodGym Richmond, and watched the sunset from the pub terrace over the water.

The evening was a real splash, and it was soon time to head back home, before it got too dark. There was a slight reshuffle on the boats, as we were down two crew members, the current helped up back to Petersham in no time, and the boats were soon back on dry land.

Thank you so much to Russell and his team for taking us out - it was an oar-some evening. Here’s to the next seven years and many more good deeds.

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Harvey GallagherMonika Kohlmaier
Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a community mission

Sun 16th Jul at 10:00am

Here are the ‘Branch’ managers

Richmond Report written by Monika Kohlmaier

Wood you believe it, the wind calmed a bit and it was a lovely, sunny Sunday morning, where 8 Goodgymers held the mission at the Petersham and Ham Sea Scouts. Russell divided us into various teams and some of us got to work with moving boats and dividing up wood and branches. We were also shovelling compost and moved gravel into what will be their new water bed. This will be used to easily clean and wash buoyancy gear and other kit. I spotted Beth in the wilderness doing some Balsam bashing and we finished off moving bigger branches with a handy trolley to the other end of the Scouts property. After we also had a bit of fun on the tree swing, we set off and are looking forward to our boat trip with the Sea Scouts!

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LizHarvey GallagherKashMonika KohlmaierSevan

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Liz (She/her)

Sun 16th Jul at 6:17pm

Looks like great work team! Love the tyre swing shot 😍

Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi signed up to a community mission.

Sun 16th Jul at 10:00am

Supporting the local Sea Scouts with various projects at their new HQ!

After a ten year dream to build a new HQ the local Sea Scouts need some support keeping everything running well.

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LizMonika Kohlmaier
Cathy Aicardi
Cathy Aicardi went on a group run

Mon 10th Jul at 6:45pm

Running Tights, Camera, Action!

Richmond Report written by Anita (she/her)

It was a Film Night special in Buccleuch Gardens, Richmond when a crew of runners and walkers headed to Buccleuch Gardens Richmond for our July ‘second Monday’ group run. Today’s focus was improving ‘The Arcade Rockery’ and new planting around our newly adopted park benches.

The mission was captured by Council camera man Rob who was recording our evening's work and interviewing members of the team for a short piece to celebrate our success at the Richmond Council’s Community Hero Oscars back in April.

And while Rob took care of the filming and interviews, Task Production Supervisor Anita directed a slick crew of GoodGym gardeners through a demanding schedule, finally calling ‘Cut’ after the team had the following tasks completed and ‘in the can’ :

  • Weeding the Arcade rockery, planters, steps and hard standing
  • Blitzing lawn weeds and sowing lawn seed into the gaps.
  • Bulking up and improving the informal fence at the far end of the Arcade Rockery to stop people trampling across the planting, and providing a wildlife habitat.
  • Planting of Liriope Muscari, Verbena Banstead, Woodruff and Cranesbill Geranium around the four park benches on the Thames Path between the Arcade and Eileen's at Buccleuch Garden's Cafe.
  • Watering

Film Interviews and narration provided by Jack, Lucy, Anita, Liz and JP.

Run director Liz.

Sound assistant JP.

Post-production drinks consumed at the Tap Tavern.

Run report written and edited by Anita .

Costume Design Saucony.

No animals were harmed in the filming of this group mission.

Filmed on location in Buccleuch Gardens,Richmond by Rob.

Still photography by Anita and Rob.

With special thanks to Richmond Council for their Great Big Green Week microgrant funding


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Monika KohlmaierHarvey Gallagher

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Anita (she/her)

Tue 11th Jul at 11:09am

with apologies to Lead Costume designer and GoodGym sponsor Saucony. And also to Susan for the

Anita (she/her)

Tue 11th Jul at 11:09am