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Love all forms of fitness - running, battle ropes, boot camps, skipping, paddleboarding, walking, hiking, dog walking & hula hooping


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Caroline Dickson
Caroline Dickson went on a community mission

Mon 10th Jun at 7:00pm

(P)Laying our Respects 🙏

Bexley Report written by Tim Dickson

What a brilliant evening at St.Michaels. Our mission was to make and lay a path to a WW1 soldiers grave.

The grave was rescued from years of bush and bramble growth. Once chopped back we revealed this beautiful grave stone so the team got together to make a path route so many more people to see and pay their respects.

Its always great when a mission shows all the hard work done, this mission was definitely one of those. Hope to see you guys at the next mission.

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Caroline Dickson
Caroline Dickson went on a community mission

Mon 13th May at 7:00pm

Cow Parsley Needs Re Mooooooving 🙌🏻

Bexley Report written by Tim Dickson

With the lovely warm weather accompanied with the horrible wet weather Cow Parsley in growing like wild fire. Our team mission last night was to cut it back so we could get access the the churches gardens and graves.

Cow parsley is a hollow-stemmed, tall plant that grows rapidly in the summer before dying back. It likes shady habitats in particular, and can be found decorating woodland edges, roadside verges and hedgerows with masses of frothy, white flowers. These flower umbels (umbrella-like clusters) appear from May until June.

Cow Parsley is a member of the carrot family and can indeed be used for consumption but be very careful you don't mistake it for Hemlock which is very poisonous. Interesting fact:-

Hemlock was the plant that was given to the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates, at his execution

Thanks guys for all the hard work put in yesterday, as always you were amazing. See you at the next mission 🙌🏻

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Caroline Dickson
Caroline Dickson signed up to a community mission.

Mon 13th May at 7:00pm

Peter CollinsTim Dickson