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Love all forms of fitness - running, battle ropes, boot camps, skipping, paddleboarding, walking, hiking, dog walking & hula hooping


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Caroline Dickson
Caroline Dickson went on a community mission

Mon 13th Nov at 7:00pm

The Reindeer Are Now Safe to Land………

Bexley Report written by Tim Dickson

Well last nights mission was the start of our festive season as we prepared the area at Danson Youth Centre for the return of the beautiful Reindeer.

Firstly we had to cut back a lot of bushes that were taking up the stall area, this also needed brushing out as the area had accumulated a lot of leaves which were wet and heavy. This didn't dampen our spirits though as we knew the joy to our local community when the the reindeer arrive would just be awesome.

Our next clear up was the grass area, we had to get loads of leaves cleared but with the wind being so strong it was a bit of a losing battle, having said this we clears 4 bags worth, we were pleased with that.

See you at the next mission team 🙌🏻

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Caroline Dickson
Caroline Dickson went on a community mission

Mon 6th Nov at 7:00pm

It’s Always a Blessing to Volunteer ⛪️

Bexley Report written by Tim Dickson

With the dark nights now fully operational it always great to be in the warm and inside for our task.

Tonight it was our church clean up, our goal, a complete dust, brush and mop of the whole church including the church offices and the beautiful organ area (always my fav place)

It was awesome having Neil along after not seeing him in a while and a massive hi 5 to Martin and Caz for your help too, i know St. Michaels really appreciates your help.

Our next task here is in the 4th of December to help put up the tree, this is always a brilliant evening so hope to see you there 

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GillTim Dickson