Maidenhead Community Allotment

The Maidenhead Community Allotment is run by a group of volunteers, who grow food to share with local residents, the users of the Boyn Grove Community and Resource Centre and Maidenhead Foodshare. They work with Men in Sheds, who are based on the same site. Men in Sheds is an initiative to combat loneliness by providing a space for men to connect and chat over practical tasks.

110 GoodGymers have supported Maidenhead Community Allotment with 78 tasks.

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Plant your Greens

Friday 24th May

Written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

6 Goodgymmers met with taskowner Sue at the Community Allotment. The place has changed so much since last year, with many new raised beds, fruit trees and some wooden sheds and structures. Sue had a long list of tasks for us. Gillian, Rosie and Angela tackled the the spinach bed, removing the old chard plants and replacing with some young spinach Sheila dug one bed, removing a few raspberry canes to be potted up, and planted the bed with some dwarf bean plants with help from Angela. Meanwhile, Kanika and Diya weeded another bed and constructed 2 wigwams from bamboo poles. These were planted with climbing beans. Sue and Rosie also spent some time cutting back the brambles in the new fruit tree area Gillian gave everything a good water. A great way to start off the Bank Holiday weekend!

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Angela Shaw

Runners bean

Wednesday 1st May

Written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

A warm(ish) Wednesday evening back at Maidenhead Community Allotment saw 10 GoodGymers facing a long list of jobs to do. But there was no point in losing the plot because, as we all know, manure hands make light work.

So, we quickly set to our tasks, which included: shovelling soil from one overfilled raised bed to another empty one, trimming the side branches off of some tree cuttings so they can be tree-cycled as canes for the plants, and tipping horse poo into plastic compost bins so it can mature.

As always, there was lots to chat about as we went, and it was lovely to welcome new member Samrita, all the way from Reading, and to welcome back familiar face Meggie, all the way from Italy! It was also brilliant to have Mother/Daughter dream team Brenda and Jen visiting from Slough. We hope to see you all again soon.

We made a good start on digging trenches for runner beans in one of the beds we’d just dug, when, before we knew it, it was time to down tools. But we were pleased with how much we managed to get done in just over an hour, which shows what you can achieve if you keep calm and carrot on.

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Celebrating Roberta’s 50 good deeds

Wednesday 13th March

Written by Amy L (she/her)

Congratulations to Roberta on completing 50 GoodGym good deeds! Roberta, I hope you feel proud of all the brilliant things you've done to help our local community. From wildflower gardening at Kidwells Park, to planting globe artichokes - we love having you on the team.

Thank you also for giving us a reason to have some yummy cake this evening, and big thanks to Jess for her excellent baking skills! If anyone knows a good technique for getting sprinkles on the side of a cake, then let us know...

We earned our cake this evening with a walk or run 2km up the hill to Maidenhead community allotment, by doing allott of gardening and with a walk or run back.

There is always plenty to do at the allotment and it ment allot to our task owners that we were there. We too were very grateful to them for coming out to meet us after they'd had a busy day at a health and wellbeing fayre at the library.

This evening Georgeta, Jenni, Scarlett, Matthew and Gillian did a tree-mendous job planting three fig trees and three other fruit trees (apples?) on the other side of the car park. We really dig planting trees, so this was a very enjoyable task.

Adam and Caroline were a great pear shifting the compost bins around to make space for a pear tree behind the big shed. They also did lots of digging but alas the ground had other ideas, so the pear tree remains in the shed for now. They still helped a lot by working with Roberta to shift compost into the artichoke bed, which Roberta then artfully planted. No choke, she's our expert in that field!

We turfed Jess and Juli out to the other side of the allotment where they carefully removed turf from a raised bed and then made the bed all neat.

A warm welcome to Chris, who joined us for the first time this evening, having met Sheila at the aforementioned library event. He was kept busy covering a large frame with netting, which will protect veggies from the birds. Sara was at a loose end, so I suggested she join him and tie knots to keep the netting in place. This was a fiddly task, but they really showed us their net worth!

Great work everyone!

Remember next Wednesday evening we won't be starting at the Community Centre as usual. Instead we meet at the Co-op on Wessex Way in Cox Green, and we will be helping Wessex Primary School. Full details and click the blue sign up button here. Hope to see you there!

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Angela Shaw
Lisa W

The Hole of the Century

Saturday 10th February

Written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

An amazing 8 Goodgymmers gave up their Saturday afternoon to help prepare the Community Allotment for Spring and get it all spruced up for Theresa May's visit next week. We had a long list of tasks, so decided to divide and conquer. Angela and Rosie took on covering the raised bed frames with netting, and used their best sewing and patchwork skills to cover the frames to keep out the butterflies. Rachel, Gillian and Lisa weeded around the trees, raspberries, spinach and a couple of the beds. Meanwhile Sheila strimmed the grass Nicola and Matthew took on the compost area, moving the woody material to uncover some beautiful compost underneath. You could tell it was good stuff - it was full of wriggling pink worms. They used this to mulch around the newly- weeded areas. We were joined briefly by Daniel who passed by and came to join in - maybe he will join Goodgym in the future. Our last task was to dig a trial hole in an area that may be used for some fruit trees in the future, which Matthew and Nicola gamely took on. Once they had got past the bramble roots, they reported that the soil was quite easy to dig. We then discovered that this was Nicola's 100th Good Deed, which had crept under the radar. Congratulations, Nicola! Epic! We shall celebrate properly soon.

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Nivi Bhide

Artichoking up as we do our allotment of good

Wednesday 31st January

Written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

It was a dark and stormy night - no, it actually wasn’t this time…it was a night of no particularly memorable weather as 18 Goodgymers met at the Community Centre to help the Maidenhead Community Allotment. It was great to see so many people, and to welcome new face Adam, for the last Wednesday session of the January challenge. This was combined with towel collecting for the other last task of the month, as we’re all really quite obsessed at this point. We may not have won but we absolutely smashed our target and that’s what really matters. On a slightly less cheesy note, this will also provide motivation for when we crush everyone else next year. In a nice, community-spirited way. There was also a distinct lack of rubbish along the route to the task, conclusively proving (because I say so and I’m the one with the words) that we’ve had a real impact with all the litter-picking-up this month.

Once at the task, we were divided into groups and given a number of things to do to help the allotment prepare for the new year. There was moving piles of dirt to the correct places, stamping on said piles of dirt to make it look nice, digging up weeds and artichokes, ensuring the weeds and artichokes were put in separate piles, and a bit of drama over some leaky butts. I have been given permission to use as many butt puns as I can think of but, despite the temptation, I don’t want to make you all crack up too much.

The time flew by and suddenly we’d done all the things that needed to be done and were being herded into a circle for the fitness part of the night - a Goodgym classic where one person chooses an exercise for everyone else to do and then runs around the circle. We left the task with a sense of both achievement and exhaustion, bags full of artichokes, and a little more exercise as we tried not to step in the remainder of the water from the (now no longer leaky) butts.

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Angela Shaw

Earthworms and Rainbows

Friday 3rd November 2023

Written by Windsor and Maidenhead runner

Angela and Sheila went to help out at the Community Allotment. Extra watering was definitely not required after Storm Ciaran, but the allotment needed tidying up for winter. We hoed the long bed and then spread it with horse muck. We were delighted to see lots of worms, so covered it with weed suppressant membrane and left them to do what they do best. Then, while Angela cleared the old courgette bed, Sheila set to work strimming the grassy areas. We were treated to a double rainbow as we worked. We finished off by trimming some long bits of the hedge and giving the paths a sweep. By then the light was failing, so we made our way home

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