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Stoke Rd Allotment tidy up

Monday 12th August 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

Stoke Rd Allotment tidy up

Monday 9th September 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

Stoke Rd Allotment tidy up

Monday 7th October 2024 6:30pm - 8:15pm

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Rain stopped play

Monday 15th July

Written by Manjit Birk

It's July! yet we battled with a heavy heavy downpour this evening just as Jean and I were driving to our meet up point.

We were discussing if we were going to walk or run the 1.5km to the task when suddenly out of nowhere the sky turned grey and it started pletting it down!

With messages rolling in from the rest of the team who had signed up asking if we were aborting!

Abort abort abort!

We turned to plan B which was for Jean and I to drive to the allotments and wait for a break in the weather and hopefully get a bit of the task done...

Plan C it is

With no break in the weather... we resulted in having a lovely chatty catchup before calling it a day! Plan D is to reschedule for another day!

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Manjit BirkZoe KeatingPam Banga

It’s a Slug Life

Monday 17th June

Written by Manjit Birk

This evening we were back out at the allotments helping Home Start Berkshire East with their Slough Womens Allotment Project.

It was great to have Zoe back for her 3rd session and to see Sandy after a little break.

Zoe, Sandy and I met at the top of Shaggy Calf Lane and did a walk/run to the allotments and Pam met us directly there.

Our task was to turn over the soil and remove as many weeds as we could.

At first glance the soil looked very dry and we thought allota effort was going to be needed, but actually most the soil was relatively soft which made the task easier.

With lots of chats of slugs and bugs and how best to remove them in the most eco friendly way - you really do learn allot at a GoodGym session.

Within 45 minutes we had nearly turned over the whole bed and it was time to pack up and head off - Weed done it!

Next week we are helping The Ujala Foundation with their garden space.

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Manjit BirkClare WhiteKam AtwalPriya FarmahJason PantojaKeith

Talk allot about rhubarb

Monday 20th May

Written by Manjit Birk

Tonight we were back helping Home Start East Berkshire with their Slough Allotment Project.

We had the task of digging up the grass on plot 5 and with 9 of us in tow we managed to get two beds over turned.

It was great to have Priya return for her second task.

We were so pleased to have Mansoor join us via Stoke Park Active - thank you Clare for bringing Mansoor along.

The task was pretty straightforward but with very dry soil it took allot of effort in turning it over.

Jason had a cracking technique at skimming the top then digging the grass roots out accompanied by Keith who also gave the task some backbone!

Kam and Jean who I classify as my gardening gnome it alls knew exactly what to dig and what to leave!

Thank you all for your efforts tonight.

Next week is bank holiday Monday but the session is still on - we will be combining a fitness session with a litter pick task at Upton Court Park.

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Wheedling out the weeds

Monday 8th April

Written by Slough runner

A little bit more progress was made in clearing the ground of weeds for Slough Home Start this evening before the rain came. An excellent core workout

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Manjit BirkDr Savi AroraKam Atwal
Sandy DhaliwalClare WhitePeter Jewell

Shear joy

Monday 16th October 2023

Written by Manjit Birk

We had a host of activities going on tonight. With walkers, runners and those driving direct to the task all by 6:15 so we could safely get the allotment plot turned over whilst we still had light.

Mehdi, Hamid and I arrived first and got all the tools out whilst the light was on our side.

Jen was our first walker with a sustainable travel plan of walking, trains and walking again.

Soon followed by Clare and Peter.

Next we had an influx of runner vs cars! with the much awaited arrival of Ricky for his 95th task! (not sure why I thought it was your 99th) Good to see you!

Dr and Kam arrived just as a little difference in opinion was taking place. Good job that Savi is a voice of reason.

Just Gimme the Light

The plot we were clearing needed digging over, shearing of the sides, re positioning the blue tarpauling and sweeping the sides to make it all look tidy. We actually managed to get it all done before the day light faded but with the extra light from our lights. Great effort from everyone.

Hot Potatoes

Sarah had kindly offered us some potatoes which the Home Start team had recently dug up. We were boiled over to get them.

Fitness Fun Mash up

As we had a mixed method of arrivals today I thought the team might like a mini PT session using dumbells, kettlebells and med balls!

With deadlifts, woodchops, halos, bent over rows and a killer lunge set! All steamed up! I think the team saute enjoyed it?

We have now finished our monthly sessions at this allotment until next year.

Next week we have an indoor task at St Mary's Church on Church St. Back to normal meet up time of 6:30pm at Upton Court Park.

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Manjit BirkAbdulaziz EssePam BangaKam AtwalDevajani SenguptaSandy DhaliwalMaya Sengupta Gledhill

Swede time tonight

Monday 18th September 2023

Written by Manjit Birk

We descended on the allotments tonight knowing that the daylight hours were fading fast and that we would have to be a bit speedy on tonight's task.

With a team of 9 helpers even an overgrown plot was no battle for us! With tools in hand, we got to work - we were all beetrooting for each other! The weeds were very high again, but given the recent wet, dry, sunny, wet weather it's no wonder...we could all loose the plot when faced with these conditions.

Hamid worked very hard tonight and beavered away at all the spickey roots, Mehdi took charge of the wheelbarrow duties, whilst Kam, Jean, Sandy, Devajani, Maya and Pam worked on their little patches until all the weeds had been removed.

By 7.30pm it was getting too dark to do much more, although the plot looked miles better than it did at the beginning.

Great job all round!

Next week we are meeting at Salt Hill Activity Centre for 6.30pm and making our way to Northampton Ave to help Parvaaz Project with their garden space.

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