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Vicky completed a walk • GG bingo postbox challenge
Mon 18 Jan
Vicky signed up to a party

GG York zoom social

Mon 25 Jan 19:30 pm
YOUR own house, your OWN house, your own HOUSE
A chance to see faces that you haven't seen for a while due to lockdown

We are getting together to socialise woohoo!

Take a break from all the running, but be prepared for a fitness session at the start. Have your training mat ready for the fitness part at the beginning.

After that we will try to make it feel like we are in a pub after a successful Monday mission.

I will email you the Zoom link on the day.

See you there!

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Vicky signed up to a training session
Training session

GG York 4th Birthday Celebratory Workout!!

Sat 23 Jan 09:00 am
YOUR own house, your OWN house, your own HOUSE
9am Saturday - bring the joy

If you want to kick off your weekend with an epic fitness-style celebration of GoodGym York's 4th birthday, you've come to the right place.

Join me on Zoom for a super fun fitness session where all you need is yourself (and probably some water).

Get your name on the list before Friday at 8pm and I'll send an email out with the Zoom deets.

p.s. Don't be late, you'll be risking a birthday fitness forfeit...

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Vicky completed a ride • Afternoon Ride
Sun 17 Jan
Vicky completed a walk • Morning Walk
Sat 16 Jan
Vicky went on a training session
Training session

Saturday session at York Racecourse

Sat 16 Jan
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

The aim of the of the session was to clock some more KMs towards the January challange and perhaps see others and give them a wave from the distance. Few of us couldn't make it, but on the other hand few others were out and about in different parts of the city.

I took my dog Floppy along and we started with a 2.5k walk to the Racecourse. The morning was windy and wet, but with time the sun showed up and made me feel good to be able to exercise during daylight hours. Following the walk we did a quick 5k run towards another GG challenge, then a latte break (yes they serve fantastic coffee from the van by the main Racecourse stand) and a 30min walk, followed by 2h long 17k run.

It was great to briefly see Michael, Vicky and Leanne.

Michael ran a round of the course as part of his 15k daily exercise. I'm hearing that he stopped for a chot chocolate from the coffee van.

Vicky came to walk with her friend and covered a distance of 5k enjoying coffee from the above mentioned pop-up coffee shop.

Leanne came down to do an 'Easy 10K', despite her leg still being achy.

Our new member Edward was there too. He ran one lap and felt really good being outside and excersising. Give him a big cheer guys!

Jenna was spotted briefly, before she headed towards Bachelor Hill for some hill reps.

Keep it going guys! We have this!

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Vicky went on a training session
Training session

How did post box cross the road?

Fri 15 Jan
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Today's challange was to go for a walk, run, or a bike ride and try to find as many Royal Mail post boxes as possible within 1 hour.

On her early morning walk Lucy came across 3 post boxes, plus a kingfisher and a nuthatch.

Paul took his little man for a morning walk around Hob Moor and Tadcaster Road to find 6 post boxes.

Nicola completed her hunt just before noon with no less than 13 findings.

Barbara went for a stroll around Poppleton to discover 6 post boxes.

Shortly after Andy reported 17, yes he has found 17 within 1 hour. They must be all the letter boxes in Northallerton. Andy also found time to note the royal cypher each of his findings was bearing, namely 3x George V, 2x Edward VII, 2 George VI and 10 EIIR.

Meanwhile Paul shared that the post box on Poppleton Road crossed the road!?

It just takes about a hundred years - Paul K

Just after 4pm Amy sent us some snowy selfies from her afternoon run in Leeds. She found 7 post boxes on her way.

Jeanette snapped 12 post box selfies in 58 minutes. She ran a route in Leicester which incorporated some of the locations that she knew of, but most were new discoveries.

I took longer route home from work to discover 8 post boxes, however the 8th box was found past the 1h time limit.

Shortly after amazing news of 18 findings came through from Michael.

On his way to and from a community mission Mitchell found 4, or maybe 5 post boxes?

The night shift post box hunters Debs and Louise went on their hunt late into the night. On her midnight 5k walk Debs came across 8 post boxes and Louise found no less than 19 during her 2 hours walk around the centre of Reading.

The challenge winners are:

  • Run category - Michael for finding 18 post boxes within 1 hour.
  • Walk category - Debs and Michal - each of them found 7 post boxes within 1 hour.
  • Cycling category - no participants
  • A special award for 19, that is the highest number of post boxes found goes to Louise

Give them all a big cheer!

Apart from good fun and a chance to make some more KM's towards the January Challenge we learnt that taking photos of post boxes can be faffy - having to get the phone out every time, take gloves off, unlock the phone , pose, take a photo and put the phone back to your pocket is time consuming and awkward.

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Vicky completed a training run • GG bingo intervals sprint, jog, walk
Thu 14 Jan
Vicky signed up to a training session
Training session

Let's be the nice stuff that other people take energy from - Lockdown no 3 edition

Mon 18 Jan 18:30 pm
Team Nicky Spinks, Location of your choice, Location of your choice, Location of your choice
Enhanced physical and mental wellbeing

Let's share some positive vibes and clock some more KMs towards the January Challenge.

Put up your GG top on, warm up, take your head torch and go for a run, or walk.

There is no limit and you can be out as much, or as little as you like. The important thing is that you are outside and moving.

Start any time after 6:30pm knowing that other GoodGymers are out running and walking at the same time.

You can run/walk on your own, with members of your household, or one other GoodGymer who is not a member of your household.

Take a pre, post or during run selfie for the report. GG Yorkies - please share your photos/Strava route on our WhatsApp, or Facebook.

I look forward to seeing great photos.

Happy running, or walking!

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Vicky signed up to a training session
Training session

Session at York Racecourse

Sat 16 Jan 09:00 am
York Racecourse, York Racecourse, York Racecourse
Enhanced physical and mental wellbeing

Why not come at some point between 9am and 12noon to run, walk, or cycle some distance along the Racecourse loop.

The important thing is that we don't stop to socialise, or chat.

You are okay to exercise with only one other person not from your household.

If you run/walk/cycle behind another GoodGymer I suggest that you do not come closer than 50 meters to avoid breaking COVID-19 guidance [50 meters is Michal's guidance. Keep a longer distance if you feel that is more appropriate]. You can move clockwise, or anticlockwise along the track.

It's not how I envisaged this session, but since the new restrictions kicked in on 5th Jan, it's all we can do.


Remember to follow the current guidance in relation to COVID-19 while out and about.

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