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Sun 22 May
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Community mission

You’ve Been Bamboo-zled

Sat 21 May
Report written by Ellie Dove

7 GGers met Griselda from York Hospital to help prep two gardens for renovation next week. The first garden had some plants (mainly bamboo and grasses) which needed removing and the second garden needed the ornaments and benches removed.

We cracked on with garden number 1, where the instruction was to 'clear everything' - but Max was slightly disappointed that he could only prune the bush with the pretty white flowers on, rather than hack it to pieces.

Ben, Paul and Antonia got down to digging up what can only be described as chunks of bamboo and adding them to the pile, whilst Ellie, Tay and Emma attacked the grasses. Soon, the garden was cleared of plants (but looking arguably messier) so it was on to garden number two!

Garden 2 is behind the chaplaincy, so has lots of lovely pots and memorials that needed to be kept safe. The goal was to carry them to (another) garden for safe keeping, so soon there was a little line of Goodgym Army Ants carrying things back and forth to pass through an access window. Fortunately, Griselda had warned the cleaners and so we didn't feel too guilty (but still felt a little guilty) about the trail of mud!

Once we were done (although Ellie is still confused about how the benches went though the window), it was time for goodbyes and onto lunch!

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Sat 21 May
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Community mission

Clearing Hospital Staff Garden

Sat 21 May 10:30 am
York Hospital, Wiggington Road, York, YO31 8HE
Clear the yard prior to construction work to create a staff garden at York Hospital.

York Hospital is planning to clear one of its current outdoor spaces to create a garden for their Outpatients Staff (who current have just a stuffy break room).

The Hospital has asked for our help for an hour or so to clear the space before contractors come in and start the construction work. Tasks include lopping back with secateurs and digging up some plants (with the hope of transplanting).

Meet outside the front, main entrance (not the A&E entrance!) at 10:30am - please bring gloves. Masks will need to be worn when walking through the hospital, but they can be provided on arrival.

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Wed 18 May
Tue 17 May
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Sun 15 May
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Community mission

CANCELLED Helping create a lovely outdoor space at New Earswick School

Sat 14 May 10:30 am
New Earswick Primary School, Hawthorn Terrace, York, YO32 4BY

Please note that this community mission has been cancelled.

Make a nice growing area for the early years children

This is the task rearranged from the 9th April. We've been asked to help clear the land at New Earswick School to convert it into a growing area for the early years children.

We'll be doing New Earswick parkrun and breakfast beforehand so do join us for that too!

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Thu 12 May
Tamar Goudie (Tay) went on a community mission
Community mission

No sitting on the fence here

Thu 12 May
Report written by Vicky

With just ten volunteers we made excellent progress with the fence tonight and achieved more than on the group run night (maybe we are finally getting more skilled at something)

After an hour we had a quick tidy up then headed our own ways with a small contingent off to the pub.

Back soon for round 3!

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