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Rupesh completed a training run • New Kicks
Thu 19 May
Rupesh completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 5 May
Rupesh completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 5 May
Rupesh went on a community mission
Community mission

Jumble Gym

Sat 30 Apr
Report written by Rupesh

On a sunny Saturday I met up with Tara to help pack away tables and unsold items from St. Joseph's Hospice Jumble Sale.

Along with their other volunteers we managed to pack away a dozen or so tables and bagged up any unused clothing and then transported this through the hospice on trolleys to their storage container. After around 3 trips we were all done and went on our separate ways.

Special shout out to Tara for doing her first good deed with Goodgym! 👏🏽

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Rupesh signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping the wonderful St Jo’s Hospice

Sat 30 Apr 14:00 pm
St Joseph's Hospice, Mare Street, London, E8 4SA
Clearing away jumble sale

A chance to make a massive impact for the amazing people at St Joseph’s Hospice who look after people from the local community in their final days.

Following the huge jumble sale which is a massive fundraiser to allow St Jo’s to do it’s work. We will be coming in to clear away the items that have not sold and clear down table.

This is a really important task for a great organisation and we make a huge difference in how things run so please come along if you can to lend a hand!!

When you arrive ask for Emma Harris who will show you where to go.

Will take about an hour and be great fun!



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Rupesh completed a training run • Midweek few
Wed 27 Apr
Rupesh went on a mission

Daft junk

Thu 21 Apr
Report written by Elizabeth

Tonight I met up with fellow train enthusiast and GoodGymmer, Rupesh, to help Ms N by clearing her front garden. She is unable to do it herself as she has limited mobility. After making our introductions to Ms N, we got stuck into the task.

It being two years since I'd last seen Rupesh, we had plenty to catch up on, and we probably spent slightly longer on Ms N's garden than strictly necessary as we exchanged our most important news: Rupesh told me of his house news, and I told him that I'd recently realised I'd lost my ability to shimmy (shoulder mobility will be prioritised for the foreseeable future).

As we worked and chatted, it was amazing to see exactly what daft junk people had thrown into Ms N's garden. There were plenty of masks, plastic bottles, and lottery tickets. In one instance, we found a potato (although I will admit that I was convinced it was a stone until Rupesh identified it like the biologist that he is).

After an hour or so of clearing up and pulling some weeds, we'd filled two black bags and made our goodbyes to Ms N. Rupesh and I chatted and walked a bit longer until we found a cool enough backdrop for our mission selfie before making our own goodbyes.

Hope to catch you again soon, Rupesh! 🥳

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Thu 21 Apr
Rupesh completed a training run •
Sat 16 Apr
Rupesh completed a training run • March Madness
Sun 20 Mar
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