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I try to be good, mostly I am. Annoying people don't give a damn. Wanted a run, saw this was good. Took a look and thought...yes I should!


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Nathan Taylor has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Wed 25 Nov 2020

Nathan completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Nathan was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Nathan Taylor went on a community mission
Community mission

Delivering lovely food with lovely people

Tue 24 Nov
Report written by Charley Adiseshiah

This was a brilliant community mission, delivering food packages to residents around Hackney!

The food is provided by Waterhouse Restaurant and always smells so good.. but we promise it all ended up with the residents and not in us :D

See ya! x

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Nathan Taylor signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Food delivery with Shoreditch Trust

Tue 24 Nov 11:20 am
Waterhouse Restaurant , 10 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ
Helping Hackney’s most in need

An amazing new partnership with the Shoreditch Trust!!

We pick up parcels from the Waterhouse Restaurant at 11:20 and route will take around an hour to deliver about 10 parcels. Ruck sacks and panniers would be helpful!

We will be delivering food parcels to members of our community who are seriously ill, recovering from a stroke or usually rely on carers family or friends because they are unable to prepare food themselves. cannot safely visit a food bank because of mobility problems, risks to their health or risks to someone they provide care for. are without friends and family to drop off shopping. are homeless, and living in temporary accommodation with no kitchens, or shared facilities which are unsafe for them to use.

We really need your help to make these deliveries so be great to have you along!! Best ways to get about on the delivery routes will be walking or bikes! Might get a bit messy running!! We will get routes the day before and will pair you up with another GoodGymer or 2.

If you would like to be in pair group with someone in particular let me know at Once we have pairs sorted I will open up listing to allow groups of 3. If you would prefer to do delivery solo just let me know.

Any problems on the day message me (Joel) on 07895628708.

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Nathan Taylor has been to three different GoodGym areas. Tue 9 Jan 2018

A Tourist likes nothing better than exploring new areas and meeting new people, and that's what Nathan has been doing. Nathan has been to three different GoodGym areas now - nice!

Nathan Taylor went on a group run
Group run

How Mulch to get on the GG Hackney Steam train??

Tue 9 Jan
Report written by Joel Wiles

23 GoodGymers ran 6k to Abney Park Cemetery to shovel, barrow and tip mulch to create 80 metres of woodland foot path.

Great to be back in Abney!! And awesome to have so many new runners along for their maiden GoodGym voyage!!

With January Challenge Miles at a premium we set to work on the 3k Run to Stokey. We must have done something bad wrong last week as we had some bad traffic light karma. The Green people were not our friends! But given the amazing work we put in am sure our luck will change next time!

With the run under our belts we met Park Ranger Tom who locked us into the Cemetery, grabbed a barrow each and followed Tom deep into the Cemetery to find the biggest Mulch pile in London no doubt!!

Splitting into Barrowers and Shovellers we set up a slick system to ensure maximum impact! With 6 Shovellers going like the clappers and 20 barrowers zipping deep into the undergrowth to save the path with much mulch reinforcements! The steam was rising from the huge mulch pile and only served to fire up the squad to work even faster!!

Tipping faster and faster I accurately counted 554 barrow journeys completed in 40 minutes of lighting quick action!!

With 80 metres of path locked in we steamed out of the park (after saying goodbye to Tom) and continued our New Years resolution to get a little stronger by crushing 5 minutes of perfectly performed body weight strength exercises!

With body popping we cranked up the pace for the 3k Run back to base!!

All stretched out and smiles at the end after a top GoodGym evening!! Sign up and come along next week for a trip to the award winning Wilton Estate community Garden!

Anyone fancy joining me on Saturday for Hackney Marshes Parkrun? If you have one get your Red T-shift on and I will see you on the start line!

Have a great week

Smooth Running


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Nathan Taylor signed up to a group run
Group run

Abney Park path creation

Tue 9 Jan 18:45 pm
E5 Bakehouse, Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace,, London, E8 3PH
Make a magnificent Historic Green Space more accessible

A Firm Hackney Favourite!

Running up to Stoke Newington to see Park Ranger Tom and get stuck in with some proper physical work in Abney Park Cemetery!

3k Run there and 3k Run back with the chance to pick up the pace on the return leg sets us up for a top GG evening!

Helping Abney Park Cemetery, one of the magnificent 7 Cemeteries in London, we will be shovelling, shifting and tipping load after load of wood chip/mulch to help create as much path way in 40 fast paced minutes of action!

Sign up, Join us and bring torch if you have one and get ready for a fun night!

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Nathan Taylor signed up to a training session
Training session
Tower Hamlets

Fitness 4 All- Tower Hamlets

Thu 29 Jun 18:45 pm
Bethnal Green Underground station, Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 0ET
Ruining Form and Fitness

We are bringing Running Fitness to East London!!

Meeting outside Bethnal Green Underground station in front of the Salmon and Ball Pub at 6:45pm (look out for me in Red GoodGym Top) we will be working on our Running Fitness with a series of Running Form Drills, Running specific Strength and conditioning exercises and of course some Running!

If you are looking to get started with your running journey, want to improve after running for a little while or you are a seasoned running wanting a top Thursday evening workout this is the season for you!

The session is 60 minutes of high energy action so we will be all wrapped up by 8:00. There is no bag storage so please come ready to run.

Be great to have you along for the run, so sign up and come along!!

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Nathan Taylor signed up to a group run
Group run

Abney Park Massive!!!

Tue 14 Feb 18:45 pm
E5 Bakehouse, Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace,, London, E8 3PH
Spooky fitness fun

As useual we will be working our running fun magic at a wonderful community spirited project in Hackney.

Meeting at E5 Bakehouse at 6:45 where there is space to leave stuff while we run. We will sign in and have a quick introduction about the evenings activities before setting off to light up the streets with our running and smiles. We will run 3k to Abney Park then work hard digging, barrowing and spreading gravel for about 45 minutes to continue creating a safe and useable path around the Park before running 3k back to base. There will be some running skills and thrills along the way and a chance to run a little further and or faster on the way back to base!! Will will be all warmed down and stretched out by 8:30 back at the E5 Bakehouse.

Would love to have you join us so please sign up and come along!!

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Nathan Taylor signed up to a group run
Group run

Helping Barnsbury Community Centre and WPCA

Mon 9 May 18:45 pm
Highbury Pool, Highbury Crescent, London, N5 1RR
Run to do good in Islington

Join us every Monday at Highbury Pool for a run and physical task helping communities in Islington. We meet at 6.45pm and start running at 7pm. We work hard on a physical task for 30 to 45 minutes, then we all run back together to the start venue by 8.30pm.

Two tasks this week!

A small group of about 8 will be heading on a 2.5k run up to Whittington Park to do some weeding around the grounds.

The rest of us will be going on a 1k run to Barnsbury Community Centre. Gardening goodness guaranteed.

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