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Julia Cobham has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Mon 29 Jul 2019

Julia is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Julia Cobham went on a group run
Group run

Back to the (Sheffield) Future...

Mon 29 Jul
Report written by Tom Mutton

A big GG welcome to new runners to Julia Cobham and Sarah McPherson for attending their first run! Hope you enjoyed it and will be back for more soon!

Hannah was also on her 100th good deed and therefore donned the now customary wings and helmet for the honor.

*Give em a cheer! *

This week's run was longer than usual and true to Sheff town's wonderful form it was hilly, 20% in some places!

Everyone did a sterling job with regular regroups at the tops of climbs to admire the cities beautiful sights as the sun crested the cities skyline.

This week's task was for Sheffield futures, a fantastic organisation supporting young people. We were helping out this week at Woodthorpe Youth Centre. This week's tasks included:

1- Painting : Primer to window grills x4 people 2 - Painting : Primer to handrail x3 people ( inc wire brushing ) 3 - Painting : Primer to selected areas of sculptures ( inc clear overgrown grass from underneath with shears and wire brushing ) x 2 people 4 - Painting : Primer to goal posts ( inc wire brushing and shears to cut overgrown grass at base of posts ) 2 people 5- Cutting (with shears ) overgrown grass areas on path , around trees and perimeter fencing 1 - 6 people 6 - Clear detritus from car park area 2 people 7 - Clear Astro turf area of debris 1-2 people 8 - Paving weeding - 2 people 9 - Cutting back overgrown bush area at side of football pitch 1-2 people

Everyone got reyt stuck in to the tasks and as the task was a further run we unfortunately had less time than usual on the tasks. We did what we could however which with 30 people on the jobs was still a decent amount!

On route back we threw in some fitness with some step ups and 'Beatles Lunges across the zebra crossing (the cars loved it honest...).

Back at base we stretched off and heard the latest GG happenings past and future.

Until next time, happy running!


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Julia Cobham signed up to a group run
Group run

Sheffield Futures

Mon 29 Jul 18:30 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Giving Sheffield Futures a brighter future

Sheffield Futures (SF) are currently undertaking work with young people and the wider community to improve internal areas of Woodthorpe Youth Club and create a safe, engaging and welcoming environment for young people.

From the outside, the building and grounds look and feel austere - the work we will do will improve the club aesthetically , having a positive influence on the perception in the wider community of the youth club and encourage local parents and young people to engage with the youth club.

To see a video on the project, please click the link below;


Location : Woodthorpe Youth Club : 63 Chadwick Road, Woodthorpe, S13 8DG

It's a bit of a longer run than usual with 4.5km each way.


(1) Paint x6 galvanised metal sculptures in grounds. (2) Wire brush and paint football goal posts plus cut grass at base of posts. (3) Trim hedges/bushes at side of football pitch (4) Paint shutters on building. (5) Paint rusted vent grills around building (6) Litter pick and sweep of debris around building.
(7) Paint 'games' such as hop scotch on fore court.

As there will be painting etc please don't wear your best gear!

See you there!

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Julia Cobham signed up to a document check
doc check

Get your docs checked

Mon 24 Jun 20:15 pm
Showroom Cinema , 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Meet Tom at Showroom Cinema

Document checks are required to run to help older people.

This doc check:

  • will take you less than 15 mins.
  • is a chance to meet your local trainer.
  • is a good time to get some training and fitness advice if you're new to running.
    • is after a group run, the trainer might be slightly late

You can find out more information here

Any questions, please get in touch with dbs@goodgym.org

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