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Community mission

Reach Out to the Community Food Project

Wed 24 Feb 18:00 pm
St Matthews Community Hall, Chapel Lane, Stretford , M32 9AJ
Enable meals for homeless people affected by Pandemic to be prepared

Reach out are currently providing food for people without permanent homes who are living in hotels during the pandemic.

We will help them with a range of tasks so that they can start their Thursday with a running jump.


The task will be socially distanced and in compliance with current restrictions/ guidance. We may split mission time in half depending on interest level and space available.

Please contact Kate with any queries on

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Jo Racle has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Thu 22 Aug 2019

Jo is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Jo Racle went on a group run
Group run


Wed 21 Aug
Report written by Kate Frain


GoodGymTrafford launched into the stratosphere last night. An incredible 71 runners/ walkers turned out in the distinctly unpredictable weather to kick off GoodGym’s newest area from our regular start location - St Matthew's Community Hall. 71 is the biggest turn out ever for a GoodGym launch and goes to show how awesome people in Trafford are!

I'vey never seen such a big group of volunteers!

We were joined by the Mayor of Trafford, Mr Rob Chilton who welcomed GoodGym to the area. We were also joined by many Trafford Councillors, Trafford Borough Council colleagues and friends from running, charity and community groups across the Borough. We even had a visit from our four-legged mascot, Freddy who got in on the action in his red GoodGym bow. GoodGym is funded by Trafford Borough Council so a big thanks to them for their ongoing and significant support to us - we couldn't do it without you.

180802 What a lovely bunch!

As well as meeting new people while we all assembled some runners also got their documents checked so that they can start doing coach runs (regularly running to see an isolated elderly person), or so that they can take part in mission runs (running to help isolated elderly people with one-off practical tasks). Big thanks to Lisa for helping with the document checks!

After our welcome chat, we warmed up in fine style including the thundering of 142 trainers as we did fast feet to get our heart rates up. Once warm, we ran/ walked from St Matthew's over to Stretford Meadows, dodging puddles and completed a slow uphill drag where we all convened for a fitness task led by Kate. Divided into two teams we squatted and balanced ourselves to give our leg muscles that extra workout and then ran back to St Matthews to complete our gardening task. A big thank you to Liv for leading the Walking group and to John for backmarking along with all the other GoodGymers from across the country who chatted to everyone and explained what GoodGym is all about. Thanks guys!


Helen, the Community Hall Manager, provided us with the kit to get going and even opened up the doors for us to listen to the Band that were practicing - the music helped spur us on even more!

Once we had allocated the tasks everyone went to it like mad things for 40 minutes really using those muscles to:

  • Pull up bushes and weeds from a massive raised bed, and to our surprise revealing some old headstones;
  • Dig out flower beds;
  • Weed and replant planters with bedding plants;
  • Weeding, digging over and planting Gladioli near the main entrance ;
  • Cutting back ivy from the long car park wall;
  • Sweeping the ground and car park;
  • Raking and sorting waste; and
  • Tidying the surrounding area.

I cannot BELIEVE the difference you have all made - thank you!


Helen was blown away by the amount of energy and how much we achieved - well done to you all!

After we had finished all our tasks, we closed with some stretches and a chat about next week's task which is a poster dash to support the publicising of an event by Calm Connections (a local children's mental health charity) in September. Click here to sign up

We all celebrated our success with cheers all round and left with a spring in our step.

It was fabulous to see so many smiling faces throughout the evening and to see you all getting to know each other, doing some fitness and of course, transforming St Matthew's which was massively appreciated by Helen.

We will meet at St Matthew's every Wednesday at 6.30pm from now on.

Once again, well done to all and we very much look forward to seeing you all at St Matthews next time!

Keep running, Kate

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Jo Racle signed up to a group run
Group run

Clearing and planting up the gardens at St Matthews Community Hall

Wed 21 Aug 18:30 pm
St Matthew's Community Hall, Chapel Lane, Stretford, M32 9AJ
Making the gardens more fabulous

GoodGym arrives in Trafford!

Come and find out how you can do good and get fit in Trafford. Each week we'll be running to support some great charities and community groups all over the area. We'll run/walk and complete a task all within 90 minutes. You'll get fit, help out and meet some great new people.

For our launch we'll be running/ walking a total of 2.5km round trip to help the St Matthews Community Hall with their gardens and we will also visit Stretford Meadows. St Matthews Community Hall is a welcoming space where a wide range of people from all sorts of backgrounds gather to socialise, make new friends and learn different skills.

They particularly need our help to tidy up and replant their gardens. We will be clearing out flower beds, chopping back ivy and replanting it with some lovely new plants. There will be plenty to get stuck into!

GoodGym welcomes runners of all abilities. All our runs are back-marked and we never leave anyone behind. Don't be shy, we're a very friendly bunch!

GoodGym Trafford will meet every Wednesday evening, 6:30pm, at St Matthews Community Hall. There are toilets and a space to store bags while out on the run.

GoodGym would like to thank the Trafford Borough Council for making GoodGym possible in the area.

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