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Moon lit-ter pick

Wed 20 Oct
Report written by Tav

Mikaela is in the exclusive 50 good deeds club - Alistair broke past 10 good deeds. And the moon came out to celebrate with us! One small good deed for Colchester, one giant leap for the Benson siblings!

I also heard a rumour that Dan is in the top 5 of the Pride of Essex Awards in his category. Wow. https://www.prideofessexawards.org.uk/

OK...here is what happened: We all met at The Gym as Dan, Alistair and Mikaela enjoyed running down Ipswich road but did not enjoy running up the Hill to town! For us we parked at Leisure World with all the litter picking equipment (note that it took longer to drive to Leisure World than run...Colchester that is not good enough - get out your car, put a waterproof on a walk. Stuart did not notice us but he over took us 3 times on foot on North Station Road) and ran up to The Gym. We shared the news of Vanessa's Cambridge half Marathon success and the aforementioned achievements then set off past the green spooky Castle to Leisure World. We found plenty of litter at the Skate Park and around the cricket pitch - as usual close to the empty bins! McDonald's rubbish galore and energy drinks in bushes. After we collect two bags of rubbish we did some relay sprints that involved 3 shuttle runs whilst a team mate did squats, reverse lunges and mountain climbers.

A jolly lovely night I would say....

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GoodGym Liverpool's 2nd Annual Christmas Quiz

Sat 18 Dec 19:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
After Last Year's Successful Christmas Quiz We Are Going To Do It All Again - (But With Different Questions, Obviously)

Get your turkey and trimmings, (or turkey substitute if you're not a meat eater), your party hats, and your worst Christmas jumpers on, your egg nog at the ready, pull up a chair in front of the fire, and get your thinking caps on.

Another fiendish Christmas Quiz is going to be set by your quizmaster Mat. And you can enjoy this from the comfort of your own home as we are going to be doing it on Zoom. The link will be posted nearer the time.

The idea is for us all to meet up at 7.00pm and eat and drink, for a 7.30pm and then spend an hour and a half or so proving just how intelligent we all are. Please feel free to invite anyone you like to this event. There are no prizes, just the knowledge that you have come first.

This is open to all GoodGym's so spread the word and if anyone else fancies coming then the more the merrier. Good luck everyone!

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Tav completed a ride • Copt Hall national trust n back
Sun 17 Oct
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No can left behind

Wed 13 Oct
Report written by Tav

On a crisp Autumnal evening five Goodgymers hit the streets and paths to pick up litter and get fit. Under the watch of the half moon, Jupiter and Saturn we ran across town to a few well used paths that connect people with the lovely Hilly Fields, the Colchester Insitute and also to our town centre. The vegetation was pretty thick in the summer and recently the council had cut the plants back to reveal the path but also to reveal a lot of litter.

We only litter picked for aroun 30 minutes but filled a bag with beer bottles and cans, crisp packets, plastic bottles and more...perhaps the bins need to be painted bright yellow or perhaps the Scandinavian idea of returning empties and receiving money back is a better incentive. Either way we helped keep wildlife safe, children safe and pets too.

Our fitness session began when our jog became a hill sprint. With Ella's legs recovering well from Manchester Marathon she was the 'hare' and the greyhounds set off to catch her before she reached the top of the hill at the High Street. A lovely surprise was seeing Vanessa at the top as she celebrated good news from her physio with a run!

We went to Firstsite to do a circuit session. With five shuttle runs sprints as our timer we Tricep-dipped, press-upped, squat jumped and mountain climbed our way through a great session.

Well done everyone!

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Wed 13 Oct
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Sat 9 Oct
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Thu 7 Oct
Tav completed a training run
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