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Hannah Wedge completed a training run • Evening Run
Tue 21 May
Hannah Wedge completed a training run • Evening Run
Tue 21 May
Hannah Wedge went on a group run
Group run

GoodGym gets Green Fingered

Tue 21 May
Report written by Shona Buchanan

It was a big old night at GoodGym Bristol with...

Fifty-nine runners Twelve new GoodGymers and Three tasks

Phwoar. Welcome to everyone who was running with us for the first time tonight - it was great to meet you all. And a big well done to Roz who completed her 50th Good Deed tonight and will be sporting her black t-shirt soon!

Our massive group got to work on three different tasks tonight...

Task 1: The planters

Maria led a select group of 6 runners to The Station where Alice D set them to work painting the planters a beautiful green to continue the spruce up of the area. We gave the benches at The Station their first lick of paint a month ago and so it was great to be able to help Alice and the team with continuing the paint job to prep for the summer.

Task 2: Setting the tone

Meanwhile, Alice W took a group to Emmaus, the homeless charity. Due to an Open Warehouse event they are having at the start of June and some very efficient volunteers over the past few days, our planned warehouse sorting was changed to leafleting for the warehouse open day. Matt was in his element with changing toners and guillotines, the rest of the group got through distributing hundreds of leaflets, and Alice managed to innocently ask two members of the group...

So are you two screwing then?

(Nails, we think).

Task 3: De-railing the night

The rest of us went to St Paul's Church to meet Ed from the Churches Conservation Trust. Our task here had been cancelled last month due to rain so we were delighted to have a positively balmy day to get to work this time. After Ed explained a bit about the trust and the importance of Circomedia, we started sanding and repainting the railings at the front of the church. The massive team sanded almost the whole front of the church and gave one of the gates and its surrounding panelling a fresh lick of (you guessed it) green paint. Before long, time was up and we ran on our way promising Ed we would come back to finish off soon.

Eating Peters

After reconvening back at base, we had a quick game of Squat Tig to finish off the night and then debated (if 1 v. everyone else counts as a debate) the pronunciation of Pitta until it was time to say goodnight.


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Hannah Wedge signed up to a group run
Group run

De-railing your average Tuesday night

Tue 21 May 18:20 pm
Workout Bristol, Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB
We will be painting a local community centre and more

Tonight we are doing two tasks: weather dependent, we will be painting the railings of St Paul's Church, where Bristol's Circomedia lives (don't wear your best clothes/trainers!). We will also be doing our regular session helping with Emmaus, a local homelessness charity.

We'll meet at Workout Bristol on Welsh Back where you can use the lockers to store any bags you have. Please bring a padlock if you wish to do this. We meet at 6.20pm and will be back by 8pm.

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Hannah Wedge has has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Sat 11 May 2019

Hannah completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Hannah was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Hannah Wedge completed a training run • Macmillan Ribbon Run 🎗
Sat 11 May
Hannah Wedge went on a community mission
Community mission

A ribbon good run, thanks marshals!

Sat 11 May
Report written by Matt Garnett

Whilst much of GoodGym was in Sofia, GoodGym Bristol wanted to do something a little different for a community mission, and support the wider Bristol running community, the GoodGym community and Sean of GoodGym York's excellent concept of the Ribbon run.

So we decided to setup and marshal an ribbon route, and invite everyone to come and run it with a Facebook event setup and we waited to see who would come.

We managed to get two non-GoodGymers to come and even John from GoodGym Camden to come across for the day. It was great to see you all.

As for the marshals, you were all brilliant and everyone managed to get around the course setting the impressive ribbon (in 2D as Alice termed it) around the Downs, and then we swapped runners and marshals, for a marshals run, so everyone could earn their medal and good deed. It was also nice to met Meg on her first GoodGym deed and Jenny on her first Saturday Good Deed, so welcome to Saturdays.

After all the running and marshalling we retired to the Cafe, and reflected on a challenge achieve, and also on how nice the Downs were, with a number of people deciding to run there more often, and explore it more as opposed to just completing a lap of the outside.

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