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Even Alin went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

I Wheel the Earth Move

Mon 9 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

Rain, rain, go away...

The heavens opening was no match for the sturdy team of ten who came together to shift sand in a real Monday workout-and-a-half this evening.

After meeting outside Chiringuito, we enjoyed a leisurely run up through Approach Road, through the park, where we met a few of our fellow GoodGymers with Task Owner, rangers Mark and Darren. It was particularly lovely to be joined by first time GoodGymer Ailbhe, who got stuck straight in right from the off (hope we'll see you soon!).

Well prepped

Wheelbarrows and rakes were neatly lined up and we were briefed as to the sand destination: the objective of our mission was to replace depleted sand around all hazardous areas of the V&A playground, leaving no rock or sharp edge un-turned.

The team wheeled, and filled, emptied and raked: it was quite the 45-minute cardio-and-conditioning challenge.

And then it was 7:50 and it time to down tools, say cheerio and...head to the pub, where, after some amazing teamwork, we have Jacqui to thank for this evening's pun.

Well. Done. You.

Great work, Team Monday: you got a lot done on an evening it would have been easy to take off.

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Even Alin signed up to a party
Tower Hamlets

Park games in Victoria Park

Thu 12 Aug 18:30 pm
The Hub , Victoria Park, London, E9 7DD
Enjoy socializing whilst playing park games

A social evening in the park where we will be playing rounders, kubb and any other park games you'd like to bring. This is a social evening so please bring something to drink and a picnic blanket. Please feel free to bring friends along as it's a social event and the more the merrier.

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Even Alin signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

GoodGym x I am Team GB: Moving sand and litter-picking Victoria Park, complete with victory lap

Mon 9 Aug 18:30 pm
Chiringuito, Museum Gardens, Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9PA
We'll run, walk and cycle our way to this popular task, complete with sprint finish!

So this is fun. Tonight we become part of the I am Team GB campaign GoodGym have been invited to join this year. Yep, we're going to do our bit to increase sporty participation in our borough by creating yet another fun-filled night of activity.

Okay, what's the plan then?

  • We meet at Museum Gardens for a biscuit and a chat before making our way to Victoria Park.

  • You can run, walk or cycle - we will cater for all.

  • We'll join the Victoria Park rangers team for a busy hour of activity. Tasks will include moving a pile of sand to the V&A Playground, and a litter-pick on the West of the park.

  • We'll finish with just one victory lap of the gorgeous sandy running track adjacent to our task. A suitably sweaty high-five to all your effort this evening.

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Even Alin went on a group run
Group run

Mount Krapatoa

Tue 20 Jul
Report written by Joel Wiles

The return on Group Runs!!!

With a summer downpour perfectly timed for the start of the session they turned out to be tears of Joy!!

Helping to celebrate the GoodGyming marvel that is East London Superstar Emma!! Having only picked up her GG gloves in March it has been a monumental effort to dominate every GoodGym activity with amazing energy and enthusiasm!! Looking forwards to many GoodDeeds to come!!

In true GG style we were literally up to our ankles in it at the enchanting Hackney City Farm!! After our debrief from superstar Ken we set about our shovel and tip task helping to regenerate the soil to allow a huge new hedge row to be planted in the Autumn.

Some monster efforts on the shovels and skillful barrow pushing allowed 2 tonnes of muck to be shifted in an action packed 50 minutes of action!!

Great effort from Woody for joining me on a very wet run!! Hopefully a few more join next time!!

Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday as we visit Debbie at Wilton Estate Community garden.

Joel x

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Even Alin has completed their first run in a new area. Mon 19 Jul 2021

Curious? Even has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Even is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

Even Alin went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

We Stone the Night

Mon 19 Jul
Report written by Laura Williams

It was a great-sized group that gathered to litter-pick and gravel-spread for our first Group Run of the year.

We met in the far corner of Vicky Park where we welcomed first time runners, ran through the health and safety bits, and enjoyed a couple of dynamic stretches.

Speeds for all

In two groups, we then sped off to The Hub to meet Mark and the team for tonight's activity. The Leisurely Pace Crew took it easy with me, with a nice slow jog via the most direct route, while those who meant business headed off for a mile-plus detour of the East of the park, with our running pro, Chris.

A couple more joined us at The Hub and before we knew it we were dispatched into two groups: the litter-pickers and the gravel-spreaders.

Two teams, two tasks

The litter-pickers headed out to all four corners of the park, enjoying the combination of a stroll with a lot of productivity (and great company), while the sturdy team of eight gravel-spreaders got a Monday workout-and-a-half, as they shovelled barrow full of barrow of gravel, wheeled it to the play area where a team of two proceeded to rake it over the swings.

That's a lot of contribution to your park tonight, team: helping distribute a surface to make the swings safer, and helping clear up after a big, big weekend in the park.

It was a lovely time together: warm, fun, appreciated...

More to come

It's the start of our new regular activity with the Parks team, who are keen to have us back asap, so... well done all.

The shout-outs

A special big shout-out this week to our first time runners, Aarani and Naike and to Chris who suggested the venue and activity for tonight, and for helping plan and lead.

Until next week!

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Even Alin completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Fri 16 Jul
Even Alin has been to three different GoodGym areas. Thu 15 Jul 2021

A Tourist likes nothing better than exploring new areas and meeting new people, and that's what Even has been doing. Even has been to three different GoodGym areas now - nice!

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