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Community mission
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Tuesday Challenge: Return of the Sand

Tue 22 Jun 19:00 pm
The Hub , Victoria Park, London, E9 7DD
It's back. The 19.5-tonne Victoria Park sand challenge returns for a second week...

19.5 tonnes of sand has been delivered to Victoria Park, which needs shovelling into barrows, wheeling to the playground, and raking across the playground, to keep this surface safe for the children.

What you need to know

  • You will meet Task Owner Joelle and other Park Staff outside The Hub at 7pm. Please arrive punctually, as you will be given instructions at this time.

  • You will be divided into teams to shovel, wheel and rake. You may also have some other clearing, spreading and raking tasks in the vicinity.

  • Activity will then be overseen by the Duty Ranger.

  • Please allow 90 minutes for this task.

  • If you fancy writing a run report, you can pop your pics, pun and activity details online after the task!

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Euge P has earned their community cape by completing their first community mission. Mon 10 Aug 2020

Euge completed a community mission. Instead of watching TV or lying in bed, Euge was out there making their community a better place to be. For making that choice they have earned the community cape.

Euge P went on a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Don't Leaf Me This Way

Mon 10 Aug
Report written by Laura Williams

13 runners, yes, you read that right, gathered on this steamy Monday to help Cranbrook Community Food Garden with a big leaf-clearing effort.

"We've asked for help, but I think the services are overwhelmed!" exclaimed our task owners on arrival.

And so 13 cool, calm, highly productive GoodGymers set about clearing vast piles of leaves, bagging, and binning, while also watering crops, weeding, and contributing to huge compost piles.

It was a sight like no other. "Oh, it's a bit hot" they cheerfully agreed as I went around fanning myself with my phone, throwing myself on each and everyone of the runners' mercy for a pun. "Don't leaf me for compost," suggested Sarah. "What does that mean?" I asked. "Well we weren't expecting that reaction", said Ellinor before returning to the courgette section.

"I like it", announced Chi, coming in on the end of the conversation. "Let's do it."

And so we set up the leaf pun by the compost before returning to the original (only) task of ditching every last leaf-filled bag.

And then it was a wrap...or was it. Ah, no - no cheerios for us yet: "Who's up for a 7-minute workout?" asked Chi. Turns out everyone was. Oblivious to the 35-degree heat and the residential audience, the entire team blitzed 7 minutes of mean-ness on the prickliest grass surface we'd experienced for a while.

What an effort. Amazing work yet again from Team TH.

Unsurprisingly you've been invited back next week. Thank you all so much.

And so tonight's shout-outs: hello and welcome to brilliant Heather and Isa who contributed so much on their first visit. Thank you for settling in so well.

Thank you to Sarah and Ellinor for pun hilarity.

But the biggest thank you of the night goes to Chi who we have missed A LOT and who so generously gave the team a brilliant workout.

See you all very soon, and have a great week.

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Euge P signed up to a community mission
Community mission
Tower Hamlets

Fixing vegetable beds, clearing the paths at Cranbrook Community Food Garden

Mon 10 Aug 19:00 pm
Cranbrook Community Centre, Mace Street, London, E2 0RB
Come and play compost catch-up with Janet and Eileen!

Come and join Trusted Task Owners Janet and Eileen for a Monday night of glorious gardening.

This is one of Tower Hamlets' longest standing tasks, and so you will be greeted by Janet and Eileen who who show you around this beautiful community space, to a scattering of varied tasks.


  • Janet and Eileen at Cranbrook will be getting you started, and I will be joining late. You can contact me at any time, however, with any queries.

  • Cranbrook Community Food Garden have been with GoodGym Tower Hamlets nearly since the beginning!

  • Janet and Eileen work with many community groups, seven days a week, so they will be able to support you maintaining safe distance, and following strict procedures.


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Euge P has done their first good deed with GoodGym. Mon 13 May 2019

Euge is a now a fully fledged GoodGym runner. They've just run to do good for the first time. They are out there making amazing things happen and getting fit at the same time.

Euge P went on a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

WALL of Duty: Modern COREfare

Mon 13 May
Report written by Laura Williams

A large crew headed to this much-loved local arts centre this evening for painting and Pilates.

A cool sized crew

Yes, we were a team of 34 this evening, with a real flurry of new runners, which we were delighted about. Gathering on our hotel steps for our briefing of this evening’s activity, we were in high spirits as, not only were we heading to one of our favourite tasks, the sun was still shining and the skies a beautiful blue. What. A.Treat.

TSB (Taping, Scrubbing and Brushing)

After making our way through some of East London’s busiest streets, we arrived at Oxford House where task owner Sarah was ready and waiting with kit and task perfectly planned and prepped as usual. After the speediest of briefings, three teams were despatched to all floors of the building: two teams were split over two floors to pain large wall spaces in the corridors, while a third team was dispatched to the dance studio corridor to finish the high spec scrubbing runners had started last time we were there.

Runners worked tirelessly at top speed, sealing off woodwork with masking tape before rolling and brushing thoroughly over these large surfaces. It was a speedy effort, working in a tough temperature, in a confined space in all three areas - GoodGymers, you did good.

The work was so efficient, ahead of time runners came forward to volunteer to start the clean-up effort, and so the pace continued as any spillage was dealt with swiftly by enthusiastic sugar soap-ers and mopper-uppers.

Posture, pelvic floor – and a proud trainer

And then it was a little after 8, and we all gathered in the theatre for this evening’s Pilates. I must, at this point, thank Sarah and Oxford House for giving us such generous use of this space every time we visit. It is a real treat to be able to offer our runners an indoor venue for our fitness - we really love it and appreciate it, so thank you.

So back to the fitness session - after a little Pilates theory, we proceeded to practise our abdominal vacuums, posture and pelvic floor basics, and a little stretching.

Runners took the tougher moves such as the time-honoured Double Leg Stretch in their stride and gave it their all, before finishing with some lower back mobility work and that lying pretzel glute stretch.

Job. Done.

And then we cheerfully (and maybe somewhat wearily), made our way out to the front of the building to get our first daylight end-of-task pic in eight months.

Another treat! What an evening!

Monday mentions

A massive GG welcome to our first time runners, Beth, Tom, Lorhaine, Victor, Mate, Anna, Eugenie, Lily and Michael! 8 new runners! Thank you so, so much for your incredible contributions to this evening's run. And I hope you join us again very soon.

A massive thanks to Katherine and Liz for back-marking; Katherine for some great pics, while possibly the biggest thanks of the night goes to Tim and Michael who stayed behind at workout time to clean up the painting equipment, missing our Pilates session. You're heroes. Thank you for going that extra mile.

Okay, well that's nearly it from me this week, other than to highlight what is...

On this week’s running radar…

  • The GoodGym London Monthly Long Run is happening this Saturday, 18th May, offering distances of 19K and 10K, with runners running at different paces, and no one ever getting left behind. It’s a picturesque, multi-park route, with a food finale at POP Brixton, so definitely one to check out here.

  • …While on Sunday, here in Tower Hamlets we’re manning the bag-drop at the Hackney Half, in exchange for your free placeat either: the Asics London 10K, or the Oxford Half, or next year’s Hackney Half. There’s still time to sign up for this Sunday 19th May - details are here.

Right, that really is it for this week. Have a wonderful week, everyone, and hope to see you really soon.

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Euge P signed up to a group run
Group run
Tower Hamlets

Decorating Oxford House

Mon 13 May 18:45 pm
Town Hall Hotel - Hotel Entrance, Patriot Square, London, E2 9NF
We're back to Oxford House for another evening of scrubbing, painting and Pilates

We're heading back to Oxford House to continue the work we've been helping Sarah with, including shifting furniture, painting and sanding.

This will be followed by a Strengthen and Stretch Pilates class in the theatre, where we'll focus equally on flexibility and firming the core.

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