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Elizabeth H went on a community mission
Community mission

Let’s run before the Sleet

Sun 28 Nov
Report written by Elizabeth H

We had a contingent of Volunteers but would we have any runners apart from the 4 belonging to Volunteers? After all it rain solidly until 8am this morning. Yes, the rain eased and by the 9am start we had 10 hardy children eager to run around this 2K course. No one hung around at the finish, just as well as the Sleet started at 9.40 just as I reach my car (thank goodness I wasn’t running home), and received a phone call that my grandsons football match had been cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch so home for a bath for me.

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Elizabeth H completed a walk • Walk to get my lift
Sat 27 Nov
Elizabeth H went on a community mission
Community mission

💯 parkrun’s for Robert O

Sat 27 Nov
Report written by Elizabeth H

Today Goodgymer Robert ran his 100th Parkrun. It was being part of the Goodgym Norwich team that started him Parkrunning, so to celebrate with him we turned out to Volunteer or run, not that his telling us he was bringing Flapjacks had anything to do with it🤣 The weather was very cold, and parts of the park was muddy but 250 people turn out, and us volunteers were VERY cold, except Bobby who was darting about number checking 🤣 Well done everyone

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Elizabeth H completed a walk • Sandringham luminaries
Fri 26 Nov
Elizabeth H went on a group run
Group run

Two curvy people Eighty-Eight

Mon 22 Nov
Report written by Steven Hitcham

It's been a long time since we've been able to have a face to face session with older people, in fact the last time we were was on our last Group Run before Covert (think Covid in a Norfolk accent), which was when we last visited Violet Elvin Court.

Congratulations to Andrew who was completing his 10th good deed!.

Everyone loves a game of Bingo right? After a 2.75km jog, we arrived to meet some of the residents in their communal lounge. Myself and Ian shared the ball calling duties. Did you know 14 is 'hi' backwards? At least I found that highly amusing!

We managed to complete 4 games of Bingo, with Robert and Jen the only victorious GoodGymmers.

A truly pleasant evening and reminder of what amazing tasks what we do.

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Elizabeth H signed up to a group run
Group run

Carol Singing @ Redmayne View

Mon 20 Dec 18:00 pm
Mountbatten Drive, Sprowston, Norwich, NR6 7PX
Put a smile on older people's faces

Traditionally (apart from 2020) we visit Redmayne View care home to do some carol singing or something Xmas themed.

As we can't go inside this year, we're going to stand outside their communal lounge (with the windows open) so the residents can hear us sing.

Please wear warm clothes as it may be chilly and bring your best vocal cords.

This will be such an amazing task to be part of.

You can either meet us outside The Woodman Pub (11 North Walsham Road, NR6 7QA) at 6pm to run, walk or cycle (it's about 2km each way), or meet us at Redmayne View (Mountbatten Drive, NR6 7PX) at 6.30pm.

There will be no baggage storage, although any valuables can be left in my vehicle at your own risk.

Please bring a head torch if you have one and wear some form of high vis clothing.

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Elizabeth H completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sat 20 Nov
Elizabeth H completed a walk • Little walk with a latte
Fri 19 Nov
Elizabeth H completed a training run • To Goodgym Task
Mon 15 Nov
Elizabeth H went on a group run
Group run

To Me… To You

Mon 15 Nov
Report written by Steven Hitcham

As this week's task was a long way from our usual starting point, we met in the car park of the Brickmakers Pub (sadly the pub wasn't open!) before heading on a 2km each-way jog to Aslake Community Growers.

A big shout out to Mark who was completing his 50th good deed!

There were two tasks to do this evening. One was to move and manoeuvre some lights (that were attached to scaffolding poles) from one greenhouse to another, so that both greenhouses have lighting ahead of the dark winter months. This required a lot of brain thought to say the least as the poles were long and heavy.

The other task was to extend and double up one of the rows of plant stations.

Both tasks were rather physical and involved plenty of lifting and mindful placing.

A cracking job my everyone.

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