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Trainer for Wandsworth and Hounslow. All things running. For fitness, fun, racing and to feel good - and for everybody! Member of HWAC.


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Anastasia Hancock went on a mission

Making space for Mr B

Tue 13 Apr
Report written by Stuart Redfern

Lovely to work with runner Anastasia. Double bed mattress was extremely heavy and wobbly. Glad it had handles. We had to take down several pictures, but finally got it into the top room and bring down a smaller single bed for Mrs B.

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Tue 13 Apr
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Training session

Plank challenge

Sat 10 Apr 12:00 pm
Where ever you are, In your own Town, or City , In the postcode you're in
Abs of steel, core of iron

Here are 16 different plank based exercises - your challenge is to do them all in 16 minutes. You can hold each plank as long as you like - the ideal obviously is a full minute each - but its up to you how long that break is between each move. Just make sure you hit them all!

Most important thing is form - don't let that butt sag or hold it too high, keep your back ramrod straight and keep your eyes focussed on the ground a few centimetres in front of you.

Good luck!

  1. Basic plank on forearms or hands

  2. Reverse plank

  3. Plank with shoulder tap

  4. Side plank right

  5. Side plank left

  6. Inchworm into plank and hold for a few secs

  7. Plank with toe taps

  8. 'X' plank (with arms and legs both wide)

  9. Plank walks forward and back, side to side

  10. Plank ups/downs (forearms to hands and back)

  11. Supermans

  12. Side plank with top leg raised (you can balance on your bottom knee) right

  13. Side plank with top leg raised (you can balance on your bottom knee) left

  14. Swimming plank -in plank position keep body straight and raise arms one by one over head as if doing the crawl

  15. Slow mountain climbers

  16. Plank with hip twists

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Anastasia Hancock went on a mission

Prescription collection for Mr S

Fri 26 Mar

We have been asked by Age UK Lambeth to help Mr S by delivering his medication. Collection from Boots 449 Brixton Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8HH

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Training session

Three Day Challenge

Sun 4 Apr 18:45 pm
Where ever you are, In your own Town, or City , In the postcode you're in
Push yourself this weekend

Fancy challenging yourself over the next three days? This could be just the thing for you!

You'll need a stopwatch and pen and paper (or phone).

The idea is that you time yourself doing a minute each of the following exercises.

Jumping Jacks

Press ups

Full squat

Sit up


Squat thrust

Set your timer for a minute, then count how many reps you do for each exercise. Note that number down.

Your job the next day is to do it all over again, but trying to beat the number of reps you managed last time. Remember to write down that number, as you'll be trying to get even higher than that on the third day - this is when you'll really start to feel it!

It' a tough challenge, but after three days you'll have really given all the major muscle groups a really good workout.

Good luck! And if three days isn't enough for you....why not see how many days you can keep getting better for!

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Fri 26 Mar
Anastasia Hancock went on a community mission
Community mission

Strand and Deliver

Tue 23 Mar
Report written by Anastasia Hancock

The Get Rid of and Donate is a phenomenal organisation which redistributes items to those in need, so we were really happy to be able to help them hand out much needed clothes, bedding and shoes to homeless people on the Strand. We arrived by foot and bike ready to meet Andrea with the van and it was immediately all systems go. While the sleeping bags and blankets went quick, we fashioned a rather pleasing makeshift shop floor using the railings outside the police station as helpful mannekins to model our jackets and coats. It worked a treat with people able to browse for the right one for them and had a little fashion show going on for the people walking down the Strand. An hour later we were packed up and ready to go as the fabulous SWAT team (Sikh Welfare and Awareness) arrived with the food.

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Anastasia Hancock went on a mission

Urgent shop for Ms C

Fri 19 Mar

GoodGym have been asked by Community Connections Lewisham to help Ms C with some grocery shopping from Aldi.

She will be paying in cash, up to the £20 limit.

She would like: 3 tins of minestrone soup, both grated and sliced cheese (dairylea packet but Aldi's own brand), packets of snickers bars, packets of bounties (coconut bars), 2 jars of bolognese pasta sauce, 2 packets of mince meat, butter Aldi's slighty salted grey and blue container, green top milk 4 pints.

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