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Thursday, 9th of April 2020
Led by Laura Williams

What better way to round off the week before Easter than a spot of front-room pilates! Well, pilates in a park in the last rays of the day's beautiful April sunshine might have been nicer, but things are what they are.

So, at 6pm sharp, with the sunshine sneaking through the blinds and laptops fully charged, we gathered, as we are now accustomed to doing, in Laura's zoom waiting room. As the host let us in, one by one, time for a quick collective 'hello' before the hard work started.

This was a relaxing one, by Laura's standards, as is fitting to a long weekend. Starting with a few dynamic stretches, each to our own (muted) tunes, we quickly progressed to some helpful pilates theory (stomach in... Stomach out - imagining the vast quantities of hot cross buns and chocolate eggs lurking in the kitchen cupboard certainly helped with the stomach out phase).

And then... Then the glutes and abs work began, to the backdrop of intermittent form corrections and cries of encouragement from on-screen. This time I was sure Laura had lost count, or gotten excited and added some extra reps in celebration of the coming four days off - but eventually it was time to lie down and 'just breathe'. It's hard to tell through the tiny zoom windows but I'm pretty sure we all looked quite relieved!

And that was that. Time for a quick photo shoot courtesy of kat's superb screenshooting skills, before heading off to our respective evenings.

It's amazing what can be achieved from your front room, or in my own case a 2m by 2m corner of a friend's spare bedroom!

And sorry, the title above is dreadful but you know you'll be singing that all weekend now :)

Report written by Becky

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Friday April 10th, 2020 16:20

Superb report Becky!

Laura Williams
Laura Williams
Friday April 10th, 2020 17:45

Brilliant report Becky! Thanks for making me smile.

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