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Youth Can Do It

11 runners ran 4.0km to help the Danson Youth Centre in Bexley.

  • Sean
  • Peter Collins
  • Sarah Lee
  • Susan Lee
  • Sharine Mehmet
  • Nick Marsden
  • Emmanuel Cala
  • Chris Walder
  • Matthew Lett
  • Martin Dennis
  • Stephen
Monday, 21st of October 2019
Led by Sarah Lee

Bexley News

  • Well Done everyone who was involved with the very first GoodGym Bexley x Bexley parkrun takeover.
  • Congrats to Sharine who run her 50th Good Deed tonight! Well Done!
  • Next week we have a new task at the Salvation Army. Find out more and sign up here
  • We have a few Christmas task and missions in the pipeline for December. Remember our Christmas dinner is looking to be on December 2nd.

We met tonight at Crook Log ready for the group task. As we made our way outside for a warm up, we had something a bit different on the agenda.

Armed with a deck of playing cards, we played a shortened version of the 52 card pickup workout. Each suit represented a different exercise.

  • ❀ Hearts = Squats
  • ♣ Clubs = Star jumps
  • β™  Spades = Squat jumps
  • ♦ Diamonds = Lunges

Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to go through the whole deck of cards so we went round the circle and each chose a card. The number on the cards represents the number of the exercise to do, except lunges which were doubled to include one on each leg.

Luckily for everyone, most of the cards were high numbers and there seemed to be a large amount of squat jumps!

After the warm up we set off for our run/walk. We had a team of runners, doing a 4km run and the walkers who were doing a shorter walk around to the youth centre.

Upon arrival, we were met by Joy who had plenty of blue paint to give the walls a makeover. We quickly got all hands on deck transforming the walls from white to blue.

Many hands make light work

After a short amount of time, most of the walls were covered, but it was time to tidy and clean up. We formed and orderly queue at the sink waiting to wash brushes and hands while the rest scrubbed the paint drops off the floor.

After that it was a quick run back to base camp!

Great work tonight everyone!

Until next time...

Happy running!

Sarah πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Report written by Sarah Lee

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Peter Collins
Peter Collins
Tuesday October 22nd, 2019 19:27

Good fun with the cards, hope to pick an ace next time !

Tim Dickson
Tim Dickson
Friday October 25th, 2019 06:55

Brilliant job everyone. Tough watching from the sidelines, but it’s great knowing the crew are in safe hands πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜

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Led by

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee
GoodGym Bexley Run Leader

Runners helping out

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    Lead a walking group to the task

    • Nick Marsden

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