Group run

We know squats good for you

29 runners ran 5km to help their local community in Wandsworth.

  • Will Carter
  • Isobel Connolly
  • Sinead McGowan
  • Anastasia Hancock
  • Wandsworth runner
  • Danielle
  • Tom Hunter
  • Gemma
  • Helen Brine
  • Laura Chisholm
  • Frances Downey
  • Seven He
  • Matthew Stuart
  • Sophie Humphrey
  • Ben Hazell
  • Emma Sheehan
  • Dave M
  • Wandsworth runner
  • Kate Kenning
  • Jordan
  • Lucy Crabtree
  • Sheffield runner
  • Daniel Lugg
  • Asifa Sabir
  • Luca Turconi
  • Removed User
  • James Clayton
  • Leanna Baker
  • Penny Coombes
Monday, 10th of October 2016
Led by Anastasia Hancock

Things we found out last night:

  1. GoodGym Wandsworth love plastic ponchos. They even customise them to maximise efficiency when painting, and to flatter the figure. Check out the photos of Will modelling this winning Autumn ’16 look.
  2. Runners have a natural flair for carpentry, specifically sanding, and a head for heights atop stepladders.
  3. There will be no playlist that satisfies all GoodGym tastes although the most requested is, unpredictably, Britney.
  4. GoodGymers mostly keep inside the lines when painting, even if it’s in the Gents’ loo.
  5. Tom is good at history, and knew that London was once the capital city of six countries during WW2 (Poland, Belgium, Holland, Norway, France and England) thereby solving this week CoRUNdrum.
  6. GoodGym Wandsworth love holding squats, and want to do lots and lots more.

OK, that last one might not be true, but the others are definitely FACT.

The night of the many discoveries began when we met at our home, the Battersea Arts Centre, and welcomed some ace new people. Hello Zhiqi He, Gemma, Tina and Penny – lovely to meet you all.

It was on to our heroes next, with David taking an early start in the good deeds leader board, having kicked off the month with an amazing double mission last week – way to go. Hat tip to Jack, Kylee and Matthew who are all racking up some impressive mileage in October.

It was off then to Omnibus to do some painting of walls and sanding of benches. The first group was dispatched to give the theatre walls a good lick of paint. The lucky ones were given rollers, the not so fortunate had somewhat smaller tools, but all tackled the task with characteristic finesse. The sanders braved the cold, and took to the benches outside the building and left them looking as smooth as our sprinting technique.

We’ll be back at the Omnibus theatre to finish the job in a couple of weeks, so we took to the common to smash a tough fitness session. We buddied up and there were a series of fiendish exercises to do while each twosome completed a sprint. The combination of conditioning and cardio is such an effective one - not letting your heart rate drop between exercises is brilliant for increasing stamina and fitness levels. The most hated station was the back to back squat holds, which is fantastic for your glutes and quads. Impressively, not one pair toppled over despite some noticeable differences in height (good job Dave and Sophie!).

It was a nippy run back to our starting point, with Tom, Luca and Matthew leading the way. Shout out to the lovely Sinead who proved her commitment to GG Wandsworth last night by taking a slightly circuitous route from central London via Croydon to be with us. So great to see so many of you last night on the run. You are all making Wandsworth a better and happier place to live. You are also working hard and getting fit. And we all know what that means – more biscuits. Sign up for next week’s run here, runners:


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