There was grass under there?!

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Cardiff.

  • Lucy
  • Erika Lade
Saturday, 29th of June 2019

In today's beautiful (read sweltering) weather, we braved the heat and ran to meet Mr P. for our mission. Upon arrival, we knocked several times, each time waiting for someone to answer the door. Since the time was quickly passing, and we were eager for a moment out of the heat, we called Mr. P. to check in. After 2 phone calls and much laughter, we realised the address given was incorrect! With this sorted, we made our way to Mr P. After a quick introduction and a brief conversation with his birds, we started chopping down the knee high grass. Mr. P. was so shocked during the first few moments he said, "there was grass under there!?" He continued to present us with many tools he found deep inside his shed. Lucy took charge of the mower, as I continued to chop and collect. After an hour and 20 minutes of hard work (and a few breaks for cold drinks) it was time to pack up and go. Mr P was amazed at how different it looked. He said he might even have a party in the new garden to celebrate!

Report written by Erika Lade

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