The chronicles of Thornia

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Hackney.

  • Madhan
Sunday, 20th of August 2023

After having some delicious carrot cake and a herbaceous coffee shared by Emmanuella for Steph's 50th, I took the tube from Ealing Broadway and went east and landed in the Borough of Hackney.

As I woke up late this morning, I barely had time to organise myself and I forgot to charge my phone overnight. Me and my phone were running low on battery. It was 9% when I left Ealing. I had two more missions after Ms.M's one. I didn't think much and focused on one thing at a time.

After reaching Ms.M's house I noticed there is quite a lot to weed on the front side until Ms.M showed me the actual garden on the side of her house.

It's a bramble forest where light can't penetrate through

Ms.M gave me some gloves with claws and two secateurs. I knew I had to double glove but trusted Ms.M's gloves and jumped right into action.

After taking 'the before' picture, my phone beeped 5%. I asked Ms.M if she had any chargers that would fit me. Luckily there was one. So I left my phone in the hall and get myself immersed in the bramble bashing.

It was a quiet and calm neighborhood except for the occasional curse word being shouted by me as I was getting acupuncture treatment from the brambles throughout the task.

Some of them were bloodthirsty and pierced my arms and got a taste of my blood. When I was bashing and cutting them down into smaller pieces to make it easier for bagging..

I stepped on a fallen soldier who was before me to do the same task.

There was a weed killer lying under the bushes. It definitely didn't have a chance to kill but got killed in the process.

Some of the brambles were 20ft long and I had to pull them to get it out. As the gloves were not that trusty anymore I found a towel lying on the ground and used that as a grip.

I wasn't sure what the time was, so I went inside to check my phone. 80 minutes have passed and I decided to stop cutting and start packing. Ms.M said to leave that for her as she will bag it in the next few days. She gave me a Sprite Zero to cool myself down on this hot day.

Ms.M said she accidentally dropped the weed killer some time back and couldn't get it back, then the brambles started growing around it. She asked me if I could open it. I tried all tricks and in the end, I cut it open with a knife and poured some over the weeds on the front.

It definitely needs multiple visits to clear the whole bramble forest. Then I went to Borough of Islington to change some light bulbs or did I?

Report written by Madhan

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Sunday August 20th, 2023 20:51

You've been lucky with the charger this time 😂 Good effort with the brmables!

Sunday August 20th, 2023 22:07

Take a power bank with you as would save you with you phone power 🔋

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