Training session

Strictly Two Meters!

3 runners ran on a training session in Portsmouth.

  • Maura Cole
  • Portsmouth runner
  • Judy Knapp
Friday, 3rd of July 2020
Led by Maura Cole

After a chilly and windy beach clean, and a dip in the sea for Judy and Sarah, we made our way to the Bandstand for our Salsa lesson. Mel was waiting and Maura quickly measured out the 2 metres and put on her dancing shoes which were sparkly and had heels! The hips don't lie, but in the case of Judy and Mel, they weren't there at all! After some hip rolls and thrusts to loosen things up, Maura put on the Latin music and started to teach the first basic steps. Coordination wasn't quite there but there was a lot of laughter and the students are all looking forward to the next lesson. Sarah came to watch and like the Goodgymer that she is did an impromptu litter pick. She may even be persuaded to join a future class....

Report written by Maura Cole

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Maura Cole
Maura Cole
Friday July 3rd, 2020 13:40

Thanks Mel for to add the pics

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