Stair miffed

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in York.

  • Leanne Allsopp
  • Aidan Kettle
Thursday, 4th of March 2021

Ms J's stair lift has broken and she can't get upstairs at the moment. We were asked to help bring her bed downstairs so that she doesn't have to sleep on the sofa.

After knocking on all of the doors and windows, we finally made our presence known to Ms J who showed us where she wanted the bed. We scientifically measured out a new space for the sofa (using my stride length) to make space.

The adjustable bed came apart easily and thankfully all the fancy moving parts still worked when we put it back together downstairs.

Ms J let me borrow her walker so that I could check that she would still be able to get around the newly positioned furniture. She gave us a big thumbs up as we left and is looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Report written by Leanne Allsopp

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Friday March 5th, 2021 13:56

Lovely mission, Aidan and Leanne!

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