Shed-loads of rain, good deeds and cake

9 GoodGymers made their way 1.9km to help the Oldfield Primary School in Windsor and Maidenhead.

  • Amy L
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  • Jess Smith
  • Windsor and Maidenhead runner
  • Windsor and Maidenhead runner
  • Windsor and Maidenhead runner
  • Windsor and Maidenhead runner
  • Windsor and Maidenhead runner
  • Ben Darracott
Wednesday, 18th of October 2023
Led by Amy L

This evening we got absolutely drenched but we also did good deeds and got fit and that's what matters! The icing on the cake was a little celebration because Gillian has done a whopping 99 good deeds. Yes, yes, we normally celebrate 100, but Gillian said she didn't want a fuss over her 100th. In fact she even threatened to stop at 99 to avoid the big 1-0-0 so we thought we'd better get our cake opportunity in quick.

Sophie, Gillian, Jess, Scarlett, Sheila, Matthew, Nicola and I met at the Maidenhead Community Centre, where the evening got off to a bang with Jess running in to avoid the automatic doors and promptly slipping over. Thankfully she managed a very graceful and smiley landing and all was well. She had come straight from another GoodGym community mission and was arriving for her 150th good deed, so massive kudos for that!

We did our usual routine of welcome, safety brief (don't slip over!), chatting, laughing, sending walkers off into the rain and warming up runners and then we bravely covered the sopping wet 2km to our task location - Oldfield Primary School.

Thanks to RL and Taskforce member Sophie, who organised our task for this evening - helping the PTA sort out the contents of their shed.

At the school we were warmly welcomed by Ben and the PTA task owners, who set us to work emptying the shed. In 17 minutes we had blitzed the job - check out the impressive before and after photos!

The PTA then needed time to sort through things so we did a quick fitness session to keep us warm (and wet!). Well done to Matthew, who added an excellent high five-ing section to our workout.

Next up, time to shift some of the stuff from the shed into PTA members' cars, and to put the remaining stuff..back into the shed! I didn't time this bit as I was now too soaked to see my watch, but it definitely happened fast!

We needed it to be fast because we had an almost official milestone to celebrate. We gave Gillian a special edition '99' medal, inhaled Sophie's yummy home-made blackberry muffins, devoured Amanda's gorgeous pink cakes and shared this special poem together:

Gillian said, ‘don’t make a fuss over my 100’

So instead we are celebrating 99!

I asked my kids what would rhyme with that number

Worryingly the first thing they said was wine!

So we scratched our heads and thought again…

They said Gillian is so fine,

She’s divine!

She does good deeds all the time!

Then we looked for rhymes with Gillian…

And they said thanks a million!

And also a billion and a trillion and a zillion

‘Cos she’s a brilliant civilian

In our opinion

Definitely no minion

And she really suits the GoodGym vermillion.

Then I asked what rhymes with Gilly

So then it got a bit silly…

Because obviously they said


So I sacked them and decided to write my own poem.

Gillian you’re a star

You drive me in your car!

A hero at the allotment

And litter picking the pavement

You help with the puns

And we see you at parkruns

A running sisters leader

And a green fingered weeder

You make such a difference

With your GoodGyming magnificence

Now her 99th good deed is here…

Let’s give Gillian a great big cheer!

What a happy evening despite the ridiculous weather! Well done all, particularly those who went home on foot and got even wetter on the return journey. Hope to see you all at another session soon.

Report written by Amy L

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Windsor and Maidenhead runner
Windsor and Maidenhead runner
Thursday October 19th, 2023 07:13

Well done you brave lot! Brilliant poem 😆 Congratulations Gillian on your 💯➖1️⃣ you're a ⭐

Ed Field
Ed Field
Friday October 20th, 2023 09:15

This is amazing! Congrats Gillian!

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Amy L
Led by Amy L

Area Activator for Windsor and Maidenhead. Loves running & Pilates and runs to escape from her hoards of small children.

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