Shear Relief

2 runners ran to help an isolated older person in Cardiff.

  • Emma Wilkins
  • Cardiff runner
Friday, 20th of October 2017

On the eve of Hurricane Brian, Lucy and I met for a return to Ms O. She was so impressed with GoodGym Cardiff’s hedge trimming skills that she’d invited us to return!

Armed with head torches and butterfly lights, we arrived at Ms O’s house and were met with a warm welcome! Otto the cat was also pleased to see us - so much so that he supervised our mission throughout!

Ms O explained the task. She wanted us to trim back the overgrown plants to enable her to see more of her garden. She warned us to beware of the brambles!

Under the watchful (cat’s) eye of Otto, we approached our task with gusto! Armed with shears, we attacked the overgrowth. In no time at all, we’d exposed a rockery underneath. Ms O is looking forward to seeing this in the light of day!

We cleared away the cuttings into the green bin and showed Ms O our progress. She was very happy with our work and told us that since our last visit, she’d started pottering around in the garden and was really enjoying it!

Whilst we put away the tools, we had a lovely chat with Ms O about a wedding that she’s attending and even had a sneak preview of her outfit!

It was time to bid Ms O farewell..for now...perhaps we will be invited back for a third time! Lucy and I ran back to our starting point. By this time, it was raining cats and dogs and we were feline ready for home!

Report written by Emma Wilkins

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