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One Night Sand

14 runners ran to help the Tower Hamlets Council in Tower Hamlets.

  • Beth Hoskins
  • Martin Quinlan
  • Chris Burns
  • Becky
  • Laura Williams
  • Si
  • Lieke
  • Tower Hamlets runner
  • Stephen Tolfree
  • Rohan
  • Georgie Box
  • Heather
  • Jennifer Griffin
  • Iain Marshall
Monday, 14th of June 2021
Led by Laura Williams

What's ten-and-a-half-tonnes between friends?

(Turns out it wasn’t actually nine tonnes to be shifted but nineteen-and-a-half. Love a challenge).

Moving mountains

So we met outside the Hub where Joelle gave us a brief history of the park, and some interesting key stats.

We then made our way over to the children’s playground for our Task briefing:

  • Shovel sand into wheelbarrows by the Changing rooms.

  • Navigate the 5-min walk/wheel back to Playground, depositing sand on areas where it’s most needed (edge of swings; bottom of slides).

  • Rake and distribute sand evenly.

  • Return wheelbarrows to sand pile for refilling.

  • Repeat.

  • Repeat.

  • Repeat.

  • Repeat.

  • Repeat.

… You get the picture.

The team were something else. They didn’t stop: they were like machines. I don’t know how (I consider myself fit but I caved in after one trip, such was the forearm fatigue).

After 90 minutes of hard graft we called time (“Send the last barrow out at 8:30”) before returning tools to shed, enjoying a quick stretch and bidding farewell to Joelle and Richard. Until next time 🤞.

Well done everyone - it was fast, it was furious, and as always, it was phenomenally good fun.

A huge huge warm welcome and shout-out to Iain whose first GoodGym event it was and who was unstoppable (literally). We watched, we marvelled… We wondered how. Thanks for a brilliant contribution and we really hope to see you soon.

Report written by Laura Williams

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