Training session

Living life in Limbo

7 runners ran on a training session in Poole.

  • Nicola Barker
  • Esther
  • Sian Barnes
  • Shelley H
  • Elizabeth Lees
  • Patricia
  • Jane Edwards
Saturday, 9th of January 2021
Led by Esther

Inspired by other Goodgym trainers across the UK - The Bingo gave us so many challenges!

New podcasts, new recipes to try, landmarks to find, STRAVA art to draw and even animal selfies. This was just the start!

The Goodgym runners that felt they needed that challenge hit the ground running with this and the photo's they shared across social media was the highlight - sharing runs, tasks and lots of giggles!

It was a bumpy journey for some - Shelley was on her way to a full house before she was hit by Covid. So pleased to say she is on track for a full recovery and it was wonderful to see the Goodgym friends support with photos and kind offers.

Elizabeth was put into isolation which meant a run around the garden for her - Somehow she even managed to make that a piece of Strava Art with in her own words - 'A stunning piece showing great insight and managing to capture the very essence of life in contemporary Britain. Either that or its just a picture of lockdown hair'.

Patricia, Jane and Sian all achieved a number of lines - picking the runs that suited them. Jane even made a copy for her fridge which made us with OCD smile with neat rulered lines to illustrate when complete!

Patricia wins an extra prize for a video that can only be descrbied as insired! Ninja Nana lives up to her name with a breakdance during an run in Poole Park!

Nicola achieved a full house with her own take on tasks - the sunset actvitiy chosen was a G&T and a bag of crisps!

Sian pictures showed her new love of trails off - Sian has been so consistent with her running and is seeing improvements week on week!

Jane continued to be so active we could barely keep up with cycling, running and walking - Happy Retirement indeed!

Finally there was me, Esther, I completed many lines but most of all enjoyed watching pictures appear on my phone of lovely Goodgym runners, out there enjoying themselves to put a smile on my face!

We maybe living in a bit of a limbo, but Goodgym Bingo has given light in a tunnel!

Report written by Esther

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Elizabeth Lees
Elizabeth Lees
Saturday February 27th, 2021 16:44

Thank you Esther and all the wonderful Poole goodgymers for keeping spirits up during these extraordinary times 💖

Saturday February 27th, 2021 17:29

Absolutely! Great bunch of energy right there!

Jane Edwards
Jane Edwards
Sunday February 28th, 2021 20:53

Loved this Bingo challenge! Fabulous fun start to 2021 with the Poole GoodGymers!

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