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Thu 27 Jan
Jane Edwards completed a training run • Fab run with GoodGym for RED#25
Tue 25 Jan
Jane Edwards went on a group run
Group run

Sailing the Seas of Leaves

Tue 25 Jan
Report written by Esther

In true English style I like to start all my reports with a view of the weather on our task.

Tonight is no different and certainly was brass monkeys, baltic, parky!

We met outside what was Daveena's like old times! It is now Club Hub and an anti natal class was underway, run (no pun intended) by a fellow runner no less - queue antics outside the windows!

It was fabulous to welcome along tonight a Goodgym first timer - Laura! Laura is a local club runner and previously has volunteered for local charities that work outside so was more than happy to get stuck in tonight!

We started off with our role call - Catching out any newbies who are unsure what is happening with the numbers! The 5 of us set off just after 6 having yet to see a name on the list - Ian. Ian like magic appeared in Ashley Cross Green less than a mile in. I've still no idea how he got there but we were very happy to see him! Ian completed Couch to 5k last year and has only recently joined Goodgym, completing some missions in Bournemouth already! Delighted to have you both along tonight- We really hope to see more of you!

A few hop, skips and jumps aroumd Ashley Cross fountain befroe the trundle up the hill towards St Aldhelms. Many of the runners tonight was feeling the aches of a few days consecutive running. parkrun Saturday, muddy running Sunday, Plod Monday for Elizabeth for example- A machine Liz!

Jane is day 25 of RED and no let up! Already clocking up 60 miles this year #stravastalker!

Patricia as our Ninja Nana is mixing it up with cycles, runs and a lot of gardening, nearly bailing tonight but thankfully kitted up and got out the door.

Onto St Aldhelms - Our first visit back in a long time and delighted to meet Heather, bags of knowledge about gardening she is working hard volunteering at the church with a few other great people! Heather was already on it with piles of leaves in various places to sweep into the wheel barrows and into the compost heap. It was team work with wheeling up and down, hands, dustpans and brooms all in use! We had our lights so we could ensure the place was left clearer by a long way! Everyone got hands on immediately and 40 mins or so later and we were ready for pics and to go!

Great to have Jason join us again, again a local club runner, Jason was keen to have a steady run and achieve something tonight - Pretty sure we covered all those bases!

We are still on the look out for tasks but will contine doing the great jobs we do from litter picking to sweeping!

To finish up on the weather front - Have you heard of these words for cold weather? Hyperborean, boreal, hibernal, hiemal, gelid, bruma!

Great job everyone!

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Jane Edwards completed a training run • Evening Run
Mon 24 Jan
Jane Edwards has cheered by other people 25 times. Mon 24 Jan 2022

Jane is part of a crowd that's making a huge noise. Jane has been cheered by 25 people - that's a round of applause just on their own. We hope they keep it up.

Jane Edwards completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Mon 24 Jan
Jane Edwards signed up to a group run
Group run

Gardening Gloves Ready!

Tue 25 Jan 18:00 pm
Daveena's Cafe, 133 Parkstone Road , Poole, BH15 2PB
Supporting a community church

We have a date to return to St Aldhelms Church!

Pip is chatting to his gardening group and will see what we need to do! We will meet them there at 6.30

Current plan: Meet at Club Hub (previously Daveena's) and run direct there.

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Sun 23 Jan
Jane Edwards completed a walk • Afternoon walk
Sat 22 Jan
Sat 22 Jan
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