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Esther completed a training run
Esther completed a training run
Esther completed a training run
Esther went on a community mission
Community mission

Have one's cake and eat it Two!

Tue 22 Jun
Report written by Esther

Its not just any Goodgym night - But Goodgym's 2nd Birthday!

A great chance to celebrate and reflect on what is so great about Goodgym Poole - Is it just a running group?

Many of you maybe aware of the 5 steps to mental wellbeing, supported by the NHS Self Help and Mind Charity. But did you know that each time we meet, we are actually achieving most of these on each task alone?

Here is a reminder of the 5 steps: (A great tool to think about where you maybe lacking as well!)

  1. Connect with other people - Have a sense of belonging, provide emotional support and allow you to support others
  2. Be physically active - Set goals and challenges
  3. Learn new skills - Helping you connect with others, build a sense of purpose
  4. Give to others - The act of giving and kindness
  5. Pay attention to the present moment - Mindfulness.

So, when we meet as a group, we are being active, we complete a community task and we are giving to others, comnecting with people and belonging to the group we are in, We are sometimes learning a new skill or new information from the task or the people around us. If you come along to Goodgym, you will see most of the members are chatting away to each other, talking of races, runs, work, life, good and bad times. Some people will just like a grab a gardening tool and feel the satisfaction of a weeded garden, swept carpark or clean window, finding a bit of mindfulness in the task in front of them.

Tonight most of us met at the local park, an open space allowing a run and chatter into the task in smaller groups.

As you approach the park, there could be seen in the distance, a bunch of red T-shirts, the great sign of who we are! As you get closer, there were big smiles and friendly chatter.

The first task was a warm up loop around the lake, the aim being a consistent pace by pairing off, meeting in the middle and turning.In all honesty, the group all arrived back still talking and laughing and we have no idea if the pace was kept, pictures were taken, or how much running was actually included! Tracy and David ran in a few minutes after the others set off, straight into the 1 mile run. Great to have you both back with us as we have not seen your faces since pre covid! Aaron joined us tonight, having been running endless miles in lockdown and only spotted at start lines of trail races around the county, so great you could join us for our celebrations and task tonight Aaron.

Within the group tonight we had Ultra runners, long covid fighters, those in categories of 70+, those that saw the sunrise on Solstice, exhausted teachers and hash runners to name a few. But we all had a reason to run together - a sense of community, a sense of friendship and eagerness (sometimes!) to run!

An unlikely group perhaps, we all headed off to Salvation Army, around the back of the bus station. The steps up and across the railway providing a great opportunity for a few loop sprints up the steps and back again to regroup!

At the Salvation Army, we met Nigel. This is a new task location for us, the volunteers at Salvation Army are getting ready to open its doors to visitors again. They offer so many vital services to the local community, from popular baby groups, to work with the homeless, to Christmas boxes and donations. It was a simple task, well suited to Goodgym. Clear away leaves and moss from car park, clean the inside window and hunt down any weeds to pull out. As usual the Goodgym team grabbed the tools and took to the task, before you could even say Sally Army! Nigel was really impressed by the teams efforts and we hope we can support them again in the future with tasks.

Tonight being our second birthday, it was a great opportunity to have a social. We headed from Salvation Army down to local chip shops and onto the Quay front. There was even a bottle of fizz and a bottle of fake fizz. There was fish, chips, ketchup, a lovely thoughtful card signed by everyone to pass to me (Thank you so much - Loved reading the messages!), and some words to remind us all why Goodgym and its members are so important to us all.

We have a great group of members that we are all so proud join us at Goodgym. Robert, our superstar sprinter has nearly 50 good deeds under his belt! We have the fabulous smile of Ali, the wisdom and wit of Elizabeth, the forever colourful with a big heart Shelley, our goal setter and all round lovely person Nicola. We have our super fit nanas, who never say no to a challenge, Patricia and Jane, our most recent members Becky and Hannah who have only ever known lockdown Goodgym but somehow feel like they have been coming for ever with their calm manner and thoughtfulness to others.

To end the fun and chatter,it was cake time! You cannot have a birthday without a cake of course! But it was not just any cake - but a Colin Catepillar Cake!

So, what is next for Goodgym Poole? Group runs will be back in the coming weeks - But with more variety of locations to cover a broader area. We will be looking to have more 'missions' for individuals to take on to support local - These are one off practical tasks. You can find out more here But more importantly, we hope to continue to have a great bunch of people who are part of Goodgym, spending time together and welcoming more members!

Happy Second Birthday Goodgym Poole!

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Esther completed a training run • Evening Run with Lis
Mon 21 Jun
Esther signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Goodgym Community Gardening

Tue 29 Jun 18:00 pm
The Kitchen, Poole Park, Poole, BH15 2SF
Supporting a local childrens Centre

We return for the first time post Covid to this community space used by many families and individuals at the central Childrens Centre

We will meet at 6pm at The Kitchen in Poole Park at 6pm for a run session to the centre locally. THere wil be an option for a shorter or longer distance at 6pm.

There is the option to go directly to the Old Town Childrens Centre for 6.30pm. Please sign up and if possible drop a message to let me know your plans on social media / or phone 07875 949879.

We arrive at the Childrens Centre at 6.3pm where we will be gardening and helping with anything needed from the task owner, Helen Lawson.

We return a more direct route back to The Kitchen, with an option to lengthen the run at the end.

Look forward to seeing you all there - Don't forget the gloves!

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Esther completed a training run • Morning Run
Sun 20 Jun
Esther completed a training run • Morning Run with friends
Sun 20 Jun
Esther completed a race • Upton Summer Series Race 1
Wed 16 Jun
Esther went on a community mission
Community mission

Kit Kat Bench Press

Tue 15 Jun
Report written by Esther

It had been another beautiful hot summers day.

We met Stan and Pat at the Hamworthy Cafe, the car park was still full to the brim and people were enjoying a summers evening with a light breeze to take off the heat of the day.

Hamworthy Park still sadly does not have its paddling pool open, but it boasts such amazing views, mini beach areas and a fantastic playpark for all members of the family. Friends of Hamworthy Park have done wonders to raise over £30k to help fund the paddling pool refurbishment but still awaiting final repairs before it can hopefully open again to eagerly awaiting families!

It was clear as we approached each other, some of us had been in the sun a lot more than others, with 50 shades of pink amongst us!

Pat was all ready for us with big tins of varnish, paint brushes and tubs to do the benches around the paddling pool.

We set off in pairs, Ali and Esther on one bench, Robert and Elizabeth on the other!

It was amazingly therapeutic painting on the benches - with sea views to the side, a gentle breeze around us and a lovely little chatter between us. Although not a big group tonight, it does provide the chance to really get to know our fellow Goodgym members a bit more!

However due to cravings of chocolate, the more we painted, the more the benches looked like Kit Kats! (Peanut Butter Chunky for me please!)

We were pleased to complete all benches around the pool, with Pat taping them behind us to prevent sticky bottoms later!

Ali and Elizabeth had already run down from Asda carpark so headed back. Robert and Esther decided that with Upton Summer Series tomorrow, the hot weather and feeling shattered, it was time to finish up early and head back - with a little stop off for a token Kit Kat on the return home to satisfy cravings! Well, with all this do good and keep fit - sometimes we need to look out for ourselves as well!

Cuppa and a cookie for me tonight!

Great work everyone!

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