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Livin' on the Ledge

21 runners ran 2.0km to help the Parkview Estate in Tower Hamlets.

  • Jo
  • David Stoker
  • Martin Quinlan
  • George
  • Tracey
  • David Mansfield
  • Steve
  • Laura Williams
  • Haringey runner
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  • Katie
  • Liz Baxter
  • Tower Hamlets runner
  • Nuria
  • Chris Bell
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  • Laurie Costello
  • Liz D'Agostino
  • Robert Cooke
Monday, 18th of November 2019
Led by Laura Williams

21 runners headed to Catherine, Ros and little Connie at the lovely Parkview Estate this evening.

After welcoming tonight's first time runners, Laurie and Kate, and TH newbie, Nuria, we sped down Old Ford Rd to the lovely leafy Parkview estate where Catherine & co were waiting for us, exceptionally well briefed.

Armed with bundles of tools, the team wasted no time in dispatching runners to all four corners of the estate:

  • Connie & Ros took one team and headed to the flower patch we'd dug at the front, over the summer
  • Steve and Dave headed out front too, for some serious hammering work
  • A team of 4 headed inside the gorgeous Glasshouse building to cut our Christmas trees for the winter fare
  • Another team headed to the new wild flower area to rake and scatter seeds
  • A further team were tasked with wheeling and shuttling compost to all sites
  • ...while Rita headed up a team of 1 to deal with the Glasshouse planters

Yep, busy or what.

The team dug and weeded and cut and fetched and wheeled and planted and swept and mopped for over an hour. It was amazing what they achieved.

And before we knew it we were gathering inside, to a now pristine hall, where poor Rob made the mistake of saying he'd experienced a twinge. So, delaying the the outro and final team pic, I took it upon myself to offer Rob a standing quad stretch, which the GoodGymers then decided to take photographic evidence of. One word: karma.

We then made our way to our beautiful Bonner Gate spot where Steve led us through some very fast running drills before we made our way back to the hotel to call it a night.


Special thanks to our wonderful task force who handle things so smoothly in the background, from overseeing the Glasshouse clean-up effort to taking lots of wicked pics.

Thanks to Steve for coming on board early on in the evening for the fitness part of our session; to George, Lieke and Dave for some great pics.

What a lovely evening. You make such a difference, not only to the two woman powerhouse that is the Parkview Estate Residents Association, but to the residents too, who see, appreciate and very much take on board what you're doing. So thank you.

Until next time, have a wonderful week everyone.

Report written by Laura Williams

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Led by

Laura Williams

Laura Williams
Lucky enough to be the Area Activator for Tower Hamlets. Personal trainer. Seriously sweet tooth.

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