How many GoodGymmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

2 GoodGymers made their way to help an isolated older person in Brighton.

  • Paul
  • Rosemary Challen
Thursday, 4th of April 2019

On Thursday evening, Paul and Rosemary ran to help Ms M change a lightbulb - a task she couldn't do herself as it involved climbing a ladder and reaching above a cabinet full of glassware! Paul took on this daunting task. He valiantly scaled the ladder to the top and managed to change the lightbulb without breaking anything - great success! Meanwhile, Rosemary valiantly held the ladder and talked to Ms M about GoodGym.

When we were about to leave, Ms M mentioned that she would like some help another time with something in her garden. We said we'd be happy to have a look now, and our mission turned into a double whammy!

She led us into her lovely garden and explained that she wanted one of the potted plants dragged around a lavender bush to another corner of the garden. Paul disregarded Ms M's advice and ultimately regretted his decision when he lifted the plant instead. Paul appeared to remain calm and macho, but later confessed that the pot was slightly heavier than expected and he was terrified it was going to drop. Rosemary helped a bit. She propped some 'feet' under the pot to help the water drain from it.

We left with the feeling that we'd 'brightened' up Ms M's evening.

Report written by Rosemary and Paul.

Report written by Rosemary Challen

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Friday April 5th, 2019 09:59

Lovely mission, Paul and Rosemary! I know Ms M will be very grateful. Shout out to Rosemary on your first mission too!

Friday April 5th, 2019 13:05

Well done you two!

Brighton runner
Brighton runner
Friday April 5th, 2019 20:34


Monday April 8th, 2019 00:05


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