Great Magnifications

1 GoodGymer made their way to help an isolated older person in Hackney.

  • Sevan
Tuesday, 12th of September 2023

Sevan visited Mr H this afternoon who'd recently moved to the area. Both Sevan and Mr H were having some tech woes, with Sevan not being able to find the way into Mr H's building and Mr H needing help with his online shopping and phone storage.


Mr H relied on WhatsApp to talk to his family, but his old Android phone was out of storage. Another GoodGym mission had tried to resolve this without success, nevertheless, he still had great expectations of it becoming usable again. Sevan was forewarned and had done a bit of research the night before. It didn't look promising, but there was one idea to try out... which didn't work either 🙁

As with the first mission of the day, the advice was to upgrade his phone, in this case to one with more internal storage. Mr H didn't understand why his fancy new SD card couldn't be used to store WhatsApp images and to be honest, neither could Sevan. It was just the way it was, the way the WhatsApp app was created.

🖥️ 🔍

Sevan had more success with the computer. Mr H's eyesight had deteriorated over the last few years, so he was finding it increasingly difficult to use. Sevan changed the screen scaling settings to make everything larger and enabled dark mode for Mr H's emails so that they were easier on his eyes.


Mr H also said that his emails used to open automatically at login with his previous broadband provider, yet didn't with the new one. That didn't really make sense to Sevan as changing providers shouldn't affect this. Still, he could fix it so that Mr H's emails would open when he logged into Windows. This should've been a simple change, but testing it out triggered a 40 minute long Windows Update to kick off. Eventually, Mr H's emails did open by themselves and he was happy.


Time was nearly up and Sevan still hadn't looked at the original reason Mr H had called for GoodGym's help, to have groceries delivered online. Mr H's laptop didn't know his Sainsbury's password and neither did Mr H himself. Sevan finally convinced him to go through the forgotten password flow and found out that the new password was identical to the old one 💡

Sevan was now rushing a bit to make it back across London in time for tonight's Ealing Group Run. He walked through the flow of ordering groceries - browse, book and pay - which Mr H seemed comfortable enough with. Sevan left Mr H to browse the wonders of the Sainsbury's website and hotfooted it to the nearest tube home 🚇

Report written by Sevan

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Tuesday September 12th, 2023 22:33

So many side quests before meeting the final boss

Bristol runner
Bristol runner
Thursday September 14th, 2023 07:54

Nice one Sevan!

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