5 GoodGymers made their way 3.0km to have an amazing time in Haringey.

  • Sam Chapman
  • Sarah Moore
  • Alex Cameron-Smith
  • Niamh Ni Longain
  • Carolina Maria
Sunday, 23rd of October 2022
Led by Sarah Moore

It all started one hot sunny day during the heatwave, when Sarah and Niamh decided to best way to cool down would be to do a walking tour of Abney Park Cemetery. Alas, they arrived too late to join the official tour so decided to conduct their own, which mostly consisted of getting lost looking for Bostock the lion. They met a friendly Australian woman who said she could show them the way, then as the whole party got even more lost the woman told them of another walking tour that takes place around Halloween...

This is how Sarah and Niamh, one blustery evening in October, found themselves back in Stoke Newington listening to spooky tales told by the Ghost Master. A whole bunch of other Goodgymmers also decided to attend, together with partners and Nyx The Batdog, who completely stole the show. In true superhero fashion, she even defended her crew against one of the ghouls who had been sent to scare us! Prodigal Goodgymmer Rebecca joined us straight from an afternoon of spooky childrens activities such as making slime.

We learned that the word for people who live in Stoke Newington is "Stewingtonians" while taphophobia is the name for the unfortunate condition (suffered by one Stewingtonian) of being afraid one will be buried alive. The spooky Dusty Sally kept beckoning for us to follow her, until finally Niamh got close enough to hear what she wanted!

There were definitely more laughs than scares though, and a great time was had by all.

Report written by Sarah Moore

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